What can stain a Tesla seat: a guide

If you are one of the lucky existing Tesla owners or are just planning to become one, the following information will be helpful to you. In addition to Tesla’s official owner’s manual, the following tips will help you keep the original view of your “car of the future”.

what can stain a tesla seat
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What is Tesla interior?

The interior options of any Tesla model are rather limited. Tesla offers seats in black or white (white interior premium package).

As for the materials used in Tesla interiors, both the white seats and the black ones are finished with stain-resistant and eco-friendly vegan leather materials. It is a kind of synthetic leather made from materials of non-animal origin.

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Is Tesla interior stain resistant?

The white interior version can be more sensitive to stains and dirt because it is a lighter color.

However, Tesla made the risk quite minimal by using protective coating material on its white seats to repel stains.

The black interior version is more resistant to stains and dirt. It has a more traditional leather-like texture. Therefore, black seating surfaces do not require too much cleaning.

Can Tesla seats stain?

If you are not a phantom Tesla owner remotely driving your car but a real person leading your own lifestyle, then any interior surfaces are unsafe at the time of the incident with stains of different origins. Coffee, tea, wine, juice, berries, fruits, chocolate, ice cream, fat snacks, blood, vomit — the list is quite impressive.

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How to erase spots from Tesla seats?

There are different ways to erase spots from Tesla seats made of vegan leather. Every Tesla owner will confirm Tesla’s recommendations in its owner’s manual.

It represents the most common cleaning solution.

Using a soft cloth moistened with warm water and non-detergent soap is an obligatory method to clean up spills and chemical residues. Wipe gently in a circular motion quickly. After that, dry thoroughly using a lint-free cloth.

The best way to clean up any interior surfaces for Tesla owners is using a soft cloth that is lint-free. Since lint sticks to the surfaces and creates an untidy look.

The majority of Tesla owners admit that water and non-detergent method is the most common and efficient (regardless of Tesla model). You can find a YouTube video of “The Tesla Sheep” that provides clear evidence of this cheap cleaning method.

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Do jeans stain white Tesla seats?

Pay special attention to the indigo-dyed denim spots on the white Tesla seats. Tesla owners who have blue jeans in their day-to-day wardrobe should first consider choosing a white interior premium package. Your white seats made of vegan leather need more careful and regular cleaning.

Because the driver’s seat is engaged more often than other seats in a car, it is more sensitive to denim imprints. Promptly treat dye transfer from clothes, including indigo-dyed denim. Benefit from baby wipes if you have them at your disposal. Or find a soft lint-free cloth and moisten it with warm water and non-detergent soap. Then wash the area carefully and allow the surfaces to dry.

To prevent blue jeans from printing on your driver’s seat, treat the area with a soft cloth moistened with a fabric protector. This fabric protector creates a protective coating that will prevent any dye transfer to your white driver’s seat.

How to cope with long-standing stains?

If you failed to remove stubborn stains with water and non-detergent soap, Tesla owners recommend taking a special cleaning fluid for genuine leather, such as a stain remover, for instance.

Wipe gently with a soft cloth moistened with the fluid and then dry carefully with a soft lint-free cloth.

Tesla owner can try using a soft cloth moistened with a carpet cleaner for treating deep spots (regardless of your Tesla model).

You can also apply such “folk” methods as a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water or ammonia and micellar water.

  1. Vacuum cloth seats to get rid of any loose dirt.
  2. Mix the chosen solution in a bottle with a sprayer.
  3. Spray the solution on the seats and leave for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the solution and dirt from the seats with a vacuum cleaner.

Spot-test cleaners in hidden places before the application of the product to visible surfaces.

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How do I deal with Tesla white seats?

The most luxurious Tesla model has a white interior with modern white seats. If you are one of those Tesla owners who wish for Tesla’s otherworldly white seats, you may be very interested in the perfect way to keep your white seats neat.

The right way to tidy up Tesla’s white seats is by using a soft cloth and non-detergent soap. Make sure to rinse the microfiber cloth and press it so there are no drops on your white seats made of vegan leather.

One of the YouTube videos of “The Tesla Sheep” shows this process in detail. It is very simple and quite effective.

Existing Tesla owners suggest the most common cleaning solution for the white seats. You can just wipe their coating with baby wipes. But this should not be done very often to prevent causing upholstery damage with too much cleaning.

What not to use on Tesla seats?

  • Leather-like materials are very sensitive to heat, harsh chemicals, moisture, and salt.
  • Prevent contact with harsh chemicals and some cosmetic products in particular.
  • Do not apply fluids containing alcohol or bleach.
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To sum up

Despite the rapid progress in the development of the Tesla Motors industry, any high-tech Tesla model (whether white or black seats) requires regular maintenance.

The Tesla’s great merit is that the seating surfaces are constructed to repel stains. But still, the company encourages regular cleaning periodically to maintain performance and the fresh look of your white interior (and the black one as well).

All you have to do is make sure you always wipe down spills safely with a dry soft cloth in a circular motion quickly enough to avoid traces of chemical residues.

Promptly treat dye transfer, left on your white driver’s seat by your favorite jeans, while caring for your Tesla’s interior.

Enjoy the sparkling cleanliness of your stunning Tesla interior!

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