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Hi all. My name is Cameron Mason. I have been fond of cars since childhood. I have always been interested in knowing the principle of their work, as well as the structure. Therefore, I liked to help my father dismantle cars and fix them. Then I went to college with a degree in mechanical engineering. After all, I decided to connect my life with cars.

When electric cars came out, I was quite impressed. I remember how I tried to study their structure and main functions for several days. Recently, I managed to save up the necessary amount to buy a car from Tesla. After my friend also decided to purchase this car model.

The main reason for the purchase is a concern for the environment. However, it is also an indicator of a successful life. I think electric cars are the future. Soon, vehicles running on fuel will not be relevant at all. When I realized that some people are thinking about buying electric cars, but, they stopped, I decided to create my blog.

I think if you decide to buy such a vehicle, then you do not need to stop. Remember that this is a profitable investment. In my blog, I want to share my experience using Tesla cars. Together we will disassemble the internal components of the machine. Together we will consider the advantages and disadvantages, which will greatly facilitate your choice.

I hope my blog will help you make the right decision. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments. I am happy to read everything and answer. You can share your experience of using Tesla cars, which will be very useful not only to me but also to other readers.

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