Do Tesla have non-stick paint? [Answered]

The question about Tesla’s non-stick paint seems to be pretty popular among people who want to buy Tesla. If you are also interested in this question, let’s discuss it properly.

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Is Tesla’s paint non-stick?

First of all, you should know, that the answer is kinda complicated. It’s not just “yes” or “no” surely, the answer is sort of.

No, Tesla does not have non-stick paint. But instead of it, Tesla owners use a ceramic coating or PPF (paint protection film), which also goes as an excellent paint protection for Tesla vehicles.

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Some people may think that protective ceramic coating is not as good a non-stick surface as a non-stick paint itself, but it offers the EVs even more gloss. Besides this ceramic coating have a lot of advantages that could change their opinion.

Read the text down below, so you can explore Tesla’s paint world more.

Advantages of non-stick paint

Non-stick paint or just ceramic coating is a really good choice for Tesla vehicles. To prove that this Tesla paint is recommended for usage, we prepared a list of reasons to use ceramic coatings.

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Duration of use

One of the reasons to use ceramic coating instead of traditional paint is that paint protection film is durable and ceramic coating can be used for really high temperatures for longer and longer periods.

This means that you don’t need to do a new paint job often, and you can save money without worrying about scratches on your Tesla car.

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Luxury look

Not only with durability but with glossy look ceramic coatings are winning spray paint here. Tesla cars look even better with their ceramic coatings and paint because non-stick paint makes electric cars look more luxurious and shiny.

Easy to clean

Tesla cars with paint protection film are easier to clean, which cannot be said for a car made with common spray paint.

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Type of paint for Tesla vehicles

When it comes to paint job for Tesla cars there are multiple choices for Tesla paint. It includes non-stick paint, ceramic coating, paint protection film remove spray paint, anti-static, dissipative paint, anti-static paint, and also these paints down below.

Solid paint

This non-stick paint makes a standard option for Tesla owners. It’s important to note that it’s a single-color paint and it usually comes with most Tesla cars by other car manufacturers. This is a cost-effective and simple Tesla paint, but it can’t give you a shiny surface as other paints give.

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Pearl paint

This is a kind of paint that contains small flecks of reflective material special particles that create a unique iridescent effect. It costs more than a standard car’s paint, but the money is worth the result.

Metallic Tesla paint

This type of paint has metallic flakes added to it, which gives it a shimmering effect in the sunlight. Although it is called “metallic” it does not give you any static electricity, swirl marks, and paint chips. This anti-static paint gives the car electrostatic discharge static electricity.

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Matte paint

This is one of a few hundred miles of Tesla’s existing paint that doesn’t give you a shiny look. but gives you a more modern one. This conventional paint is perfect for those Tesla owners who want something different.

Multi-coat paint

This is a premium non-stick paint option that uses multiple layers of color and a clear coat to create a deep, lustrous finish. It is available on some of the newer Tesla models and can be quite expensive. It’s also supposed to be one of the best options to create a protective layer for your car.

It’s important to note that not all paint options may be available for all Tesla models, and some colors may be discontinued or only available for a limited time.

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It’s always a good idea to check with a Tesla dealership or authorized service center to see what paint options are currently available for your specific model.

Ceramic coating VS. PFF

As we said, Teslas have non-stick paint, but which of Tesla’s paint is better – ceramic paint (ceramic coating) or PFF non-stick paint?

First of all, both of the non-stick paint is really good and prevents swirl marks after using them.

But the big plus of the ceramic coating is that it can fill tiny pores in the car’s paint. This is a great method for smoothing out any irregularities in the paint surface.

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The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coating impedes chemical contaminants from adhering to the vehicle’s paint surface.

But in the end, it depends on you and what paint you like more. As we said both of them are great options for your electric vehicle. Both of them are not really expensive and worth your money.

But if you’d like to listen to our recommendation, then we recommend using ceramic coating, especially if you live in rainy areas. This Tesla non-stick paint is a perfect way to prevent swirl marks after heavy rain.

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Due to the hydrophobic surface formed on the exterior of the Tesla, the ceramic coating can repel water.

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Section of one of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What kind of paint does a Tesla have?

A: Tesla cars typically come with a variety of paint options, depending on the model and year of the vehicle. The type of paint used on a Tesla depends on the specific color and finish chosen by the owner.

Teslas have non-stick paint, ceramic coating, paint protection film, and a lot of others.

Q: Does Tesla paint have ceramic coating?

A: Usually Tesla does not apply ceramic coating to their vehicles at the factory. However, some Tesla owners still choose to have a ceramic coating applied to the rear wheels of their cars after purchase to provide additional protection from the paint.

Many Tesla owners opt for the ceramic coating to help protect their investment and keep their cars looking new. However, it is essential to note that ceramic coating is not a substitute for regular maintenance and care, routine maintenance such as washing and waxing, and it is not a permanent solution.

Q: Do you need paint protection film on Tesla?

A: Although it is not necessary to apply PPF to a Tesla, many owners choose to do so to help protect their investment and keep their cars looking like new.

Ultimately, whether or not to apply PPF to a Tesla is a personal decision that should be based on the owner’s individual needs and preferences. Some owners may choose to forgo PPF and simply take extra care to avoid damage to their car, while others may prefer the added protection and peace of mind that PPF can provide.

Q: What is non-stick paint?

A: Non-stick paint is protective paint that has been developed to resist liquids, oils, and other materials that may adhere to a surface.

It is a popular choice for kitchen applications, such as stovetops, ovens, and grills, as it helps to prevent food and grease from sticking.

Non-stick paints are created using a unique blend of polymers, resins, and additional substances to produce a paint that helps with a smooth and slick surface. This formula enables the surface of the paint to resist sticking and become effortless to clean.

Certain non-stick paints are designed to withstand scratches, abrasions, and other forms of harm, making them an ideal and long-lasting option for various purposes.

As for electric cars, they may use coatings that reduce drag and improve the car’s aerodynamics, which can help to increase the vehicle’s range.
Additionally, certain thermal coatings may be used in other vehicles to disperse heat from the battery and other parts, which can improve performance and prolong their lifespan.

Although these coatings are not marketed to the automotive industry as “non-stick,” they offer various advantages that aid the automotive industry in optimizing the functionality of electric vehicles.


This post comes to an end, which means you must already know if Teslas have non-stick or not. As we said earlier, Teslas have non-stick, but it’s not the exact non-stick paint (ceramic coating, paint protection film).

We compared paint protection film and ceramic coating as well, and you must know that ceramic coating is way more comfortable to use.

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We also gave you a list, which includes types of paint for your car. We hope it will help you find the right one. Follow our other articles to know more about electric cars and things for them. Have a safe ride!

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