Tesla White interior vs Black: main features

The interiors of all Tesla models are famous for their great details, especially the fact that they are using vegan leather. Tesla vehicles is available in black and white interior. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and we will break them down in this article and answer the question of which interior and which color suits you best.

The black and white interior of the Tesla Model 3 has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In comparison to Tesla black interiors, white chairs are plusher and opulent.

Nonetheless, black seats are normal, whereas Tesla’s white seats are an additional cost.

Tesla Model 3 is going to offer customizable options that allow you to create the perfect premium eco-car. In this article, we’ll take a look at two interior options to help you choose what’s right for you.

tesla white interior vs black
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Choosing the right Tesla Interior

The difference between black and white interior goes beyond aesthetics. Tesla differs from other car brands in that it offers a limited number of interior choices, making it easier and cheaper to produce.

You may tailor the complete driving atmosphere by selecting an interior. The experience of sitting in the car, both literally and symbolically, differs significantly between the black and white interiors of Teslas.

The Tesla Black is included as standard, while you will be charged additional fees for the Tesla White seats.

However, by paying extra white leather seats, you get slightly improved seats that provide more comfort.

White seats are available in two options: classic white and cream. It gives a sleek and luxurious look to the entire car and stands out whichever exterior color you choose. Moreover, it has a very soft texture.

Some customers choose the Tesla white interior because of the increased comfort of the seats and the airy atmosphere it creates in the cabin, as well as the dashboard with wooden details.

However, it is not real leather, as all new Tesla models use a cruelty-free material, making these interiors vegan-friendly. That’s a statement few car manufacturers can make. You have all the advantages of traditional real leather without the associated guilt.

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White interior

One of the interior options for Tesla models, the white interior, offers several unique features including white dash accents.

First, this white interior option is made of vegan material, which means that it does not contain any animal products.

This is important for those who are ethical and do not want to use animal materials.

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The feeling when touching the Tesla white interior is very soft and pleasant. The material is chosen in such a way as to provide comfort and a pleasant feeling for the passengers.


However, it should be noted that cleaning the white interior can be a more difficult task compared to other options.

Because of the light color, stains, and soiling can be more noticeable and require special attention when caring for the white interior seats.

However, to refute this, some experiments with red wine were conducted.

Red wine was spilled on the seats and wiped with paper towels.

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Additional expenses

It is important to note that a white interior has an additional cost compared to a black interior model that comes as standard when you buy the car. However, this additional investment is offset by its unique features and appearance.

One of the attractive features of a white interior is its ability to keep your car cool in hot summer weather. White seats reflect the sun’s rays and help maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the car, which is especially appreciated in hot climates.

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Tesla black interior

One of the interior options for Tesla cars is Tesla Black, which also has its own features. First, this interior is made of vegan materials that do not contain animal products, which is in line with the principles of ethics and care for animals.

Also, the black interior is an interior upholstery, meaning it is available as standard and requires no extra cost, hence every part is black, including black seats and a black central armrest.

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The feel when touching the black interior has a more traditional texture reminiscent of vegan leather seats. This gives the interior a luxurious leather and classic look, creating an elegant atmosphere.


Tesla black interior also has the advantage of easy cleaning. Due to the dark color, stains, and dirt can be less visible, making the interior easier to care for, but it is not stain resistant.

One of the characteristics of a black interior is its ability to heat reflection in direct sunlight. Because of this, in hot weather, you should consider the possibility of cooling the black leather seats and take appropriate measures for passenger comfort.

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Comparing features of White and Black interiors

In the latest updates to its line, the brand aims to bridge the gap between interiors. Consumers shouldn’t feel as though they are sacrificing one or the other’s advantages. Yet, that does not place the two on an even playing field.

As you can see from the information above, white seats get dirty more often and they are not stain resistant. To Tesla’s credit, they have made this risk minimal.

White seats are easy to wipe clean, and most stains can be easily wiped away. Even sticky or acidic liquids are not absorbed into the white leather seats, which cannot be said for mesh car seats.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to stain formation. Even without stains, dirt, and grime are clearly visible on the white, so regular cleaning is essential.

On the other hand, a little dust won’t show up as brightly on black.

Tesla’s spotless interiors need a level of cleanliness that not everyone can maintain, especially if they lead hectic lives that involve long commutes.

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Detailed cost difference

Probably the biggest controversy about the Tesla model is the price and how certain features can increase the price. The Model S is expected to average between $94,990 and $129,990, due in part to the individual package.

A saloon with a white outside and a black inside will cost $1,000 more. This is not the norm, as black goods are usually more expensive than white goods.

Ultimately, you will have to pay more for a white interior, which may be the deciding factor for some drivers.

While your first instinct may be based solely on visual perception, especially given the price difference, you may benefit enough from the benefits of white interiors to make that initial investment.

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In conclusion, when it comes to choosing between the white and black interiors for Tesla cars, it ultimately boils down to aesthetic preference and lifestyle considerations.

The white interior offers a luxurious and soft feel, with the added benefit of reflecting sunlight and maintaining a cooler temperature inside the vehicle. However, it requires more regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking pristine. On the other hand, the black interior exudes a classic and elegant look.

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Is the black or white Tesla interior better?

The question of whether to prefer the black or white interior of a Tesla model depends on each person’s personal preference and aesthetic taste.

A black interior can give the Tesla vehicle a more classic and serious look, while white seats and interiors create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness. The choice of interior color is a matter of personal preference.

Does the white interior of Tesla get dirty?

White Tesla seats and interior models could be more susceptible to smudges and stains as compared to models with black interiors, which is bad for your blue jeans because dye transfer is more obvious. As a result, it is less practical long term compared to black.

Although Tesla uses high-quality materials and treatments that can make cleaning and stain removal easier, white can more visibly accentuate dirt and signs of use.

Therefore, it may require extra effort and regular maintenance, although this may not be true because there were some experiments with spilling red wine.

Is it hard to maintain a white interior Tesla?

Taking care of a white Tesla interior can take some work and attention. White surfaces are more prone to soiling and staining, so regular and gentle cleaning will be necessary. The use of special leather or textile interior care products is recommended.

Is Tesla’s black interior hot?

Interior color, including black, has no direct effect on Tesla’s interior temperature. The vehicle’s air conditioning and heating/cooling system is responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the cabin.

However, black can cause seats and other surfaces to heat up when directly exposed to sunlight because black absorbs more heat.

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