What are Tesla Model 3 trunk dimensions? 

Electric cars have become one of the most convenient modes of transport, as they allow the driver not to depend on resources that are harmful to nature, such as fuel. Tesla has become the most popular electric vehicle company.

Tesla model car is not only a car that is driven by electricity but also tries not to be inferior in performance, such as rear seats and front seat space, to conventional fuel cars.

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Tesla’s most popular model right now is the Model 3, but many people are concerned about the dimensions of this model and whether they will allow luggage of any size to be placed there.

Below you can find detailed information about the Model 3 trunk.

Description of Tesla Model 3 trunk 

Let’s start by discussing what the Model 3 trunk is all about. Even though there are three different types of Model 3, Performance, RWD, and Long Range AWD. However, the space is the same in them.  

The front trunk has a capacity of 88 liters, while the rear trunk has a fairly deep capacity, namely 561 liters. In general, the entire interior of the Model 3 car can fit 649 liters, which is a suitable place for 5 passengers and luggage. 

Seats folded 

Tesla claims that you can increase the space if you will make the rear seats folded. Since the rear seats are connected to the rear luggage boot, they do take up the space of a potential trunk. One of the big advantages of seats folded is of course the fact that you increase the space for your things, for example, if you travel by car.

Also, a huge plus is that you can increase your flat space and use the folded seats as a place to sleep. Now you can even order special mattresses that make your stay even more pleasant.

How to open the trunk of the Tesla Model 3? 

Tesla car is a vehicle that not only differs in basic characteristics as a resource, using, electricity instead of fuel, but also the control of the front and rear parts of Tesla is almost entirely digital. You can try to open the trunk while inside the Tesla using the touch screen.

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However, if that doesn’t work, you can use the key fob that comes with the Tesla keys. A unique way is to use the mobile app if you have connected your car to it in advance, or try to open it manually, but the key must be near you so that the vehicle can recognize it and give you access to the trunk.

Differences between Model 3 and Model S, X and Y 

One very important point in sizing luggage trunks is understanding how the width and depth of the trunk of the Tesla Model 3 differ from other models. Below you can see the information that Tesla claims are guaranteed.

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Model 3

We will start with the Model 3 since this particular car is one of the most used in modern times and therefore one of the most interesting in terms of characteristics. Let’s start with the trunk itself, the rear and front trunk total about 649 liters, which is from the total cargo volume, which is quite suitable for large luggage without folded seats.

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Also, this car can safely accommodate five passengers inside the width of the seats.

Model S

Let’s move on to the Tesla Model S, which is one of Tesla’s classic cars. The rear trunk is about 709 liters, while the front can hold 89 liters. The total cargo volume can be measured as 798 liters.

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Also, unlike Tesla 3, Tesla S has another specific characteristic such as the space of the 2nd Row folded of the car. The 2nd Row folded holds about 1.739 liters and the vehicle itself can be guaranteed to provide a safe ride for four passengers.

Model X

The Model X is also a fairly modern car that is often used by families. The space of the rear trunk is about 425 liters, while the front can hold about 183 liters. The total cargo volume of the vehicle can be identified as 608 liters.

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Also, unlike the two previous types of Tesla cars, this car has two additional characteristics, that is, not only 2nd Row folded, but also 3rd Roe folded. The 2nd row folded is about 2.314 liters while the 3rd row folded is about 935 liters. In general, such a car can accommodate about 7 people, which is quite suitable for a large family with luggage.

Model Y

And finally, we will discuss the characteristics of a Tesla car like the Tesla Y. The space of the rear trunk can be measured as 363 liters, while the front trunk holds 117 liters. The total cargo volume can be determined by 480 liters, which is the smallest number among other machines.

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The 2nd row folded is 2.314 liters and the 3rd row folded adds another 935 liters. This car can also fit 7 people, which is quite suitable for a family with a small number of things.

Overall Tesla model 3 description 

After we have discussed the entire trunk of the Tesla car 3, it is worth paying attention to other characteristics as well.


Towing is possible in the Tesla 3 thanks to the company adding a rear hitch that is suitable for towing items up to 900 kilograms.

This is a good indicator not only among electric cars but also among vehicles.

Leg room, passenger space, and head room 

As stated earlier, the Tesla 3 can guarantee a safe and comfortable ride for up to four people.

Passenger or rear space, driver space, leg room, and headroom provide enough space and cargo volume for total comfort.

Boot space 

The rear boot space holds about 561 liters, which is quite suitable for large stuff, such as suitcases or just large bags.

The front boot space can easily accommodate handbags or backpacks, but you shouldn’t put suitcases there, as they simply won’t fit inside.

Cargo space 

Overall, the cargo space of the Tesla 3 is about 22.9 cubic feet, including both front trunk space and rear trunk space.

However, if you fold down the seats, you can increase the cargo space of your Tesla 3 car to 43 cubic feet.


How large is Tesla Model 3 trunk?

The trunk of the Tesla 3 can hold 649 liters or 22.9 cubic feet, with the seats folded down, this figure increases by one and a half times. This trunk size is quite suitable for a large number of things, some of which, like suitcases, can be put in the back, and bags in the front.

What size box can fit in a Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 can perfectly fit a 4×4 feet box inside. However, if you move the seats, of course, this figure will increase, it also depends on whether other bags inside the vehicle can reduce the space.


Electric cars began a very strong development earlier they were small cars for two or one that was powered by electricity, now electric vehicles, for example from Tesla, can accommodate not only a fairly large number of passengers (from 4 to 7) but also their bags.

We hope to understand that after reading this article you know what are the dimensions of the Tesla Model 3 luggage place, moreover, you understand what is the difference in the trunk between different types of Tesla cars and which trunk can suit you if, for example, you have a large family or a large supply of suitcases. Wonder How to lock Tesla Model 3 and also unlock it, read

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