How to lock Tesla Model 3 and also unlock it?

How to lock tesla model 3?

Tesla may create the easiest items rather disjointed. I suggest, just locking and unlocking a vehicle may go owners rubbing their heads.

You can do it from a key fob or an application, or Tesla will do it themselves… Every new owner must care about this at slightly once.

But no more because I will unravel this puzzle for you once and for all. Below are a few methods to lock or unlock your Model 3. Let’s get started.

how to lock tesla model 3

How to lock and unlock Model 3?

Locking and unlocking the Model 3 is easy and convenient.

Just carry your authenticated phone or paired key fob with you.

Model 3 recognizes the presence of an authenticated phone or paired key fob and automatically unlocks when you press the manual door release knob and locks when you leave.

Follow our further instructions.

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Using a key

Model 3 supports three types of keys:

  • Phone keys. You can set up your personal phone as a “phone key” that communicates with the Model 3 using Bluetooth. The key supports automatic lock and unlock.
  • Key card. Tesla provides a key card that communicates with the Model 3 using short-range radio frequency identification (RFID) signals. The key card is used to “authenticate” phone keys to work with the Model 3 and to add or remove another key card, or passive key fob.Unlike the key and paired key fob, the card key does not support automatic locking and unlocking. In situations where your key is out of battery, lost, or stolen, use your key to unlock, control, and lock your Model 3.
  • Key fob. The paired key fob (if equipped) allows you to press buttons to open the front and rear trunks, and unlock, lock, and operate the Model 3. The paired key fob also supports auto doors lock and unlock if available in your area and can be used as a backup for your phone’s key.

Note: Remember to take your key with you when you drive.

While you can drive the Model 3 walk away door lock from its key, you won’t be able to turn it back on after it turns off.

Key card

Step 1

First of all, hold the card key so that the side with the sensor is facing the car.

Step: 2

Place the sensor on the B-pillar for 1-2 seconds until the vehicle receives a signal.

Step: 3

When your side mirrors close, know that your Model 3 is locked.

Step: 4

The procedure is similar to unlocking a car. Just wait until your side mirrors open, which means your car has been unlocked.

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Key fob

Step: 1. Make sure your fob is added to your Tesla system.

Step: 2. Click on the front of the keychain to open the manual door release located.

Step: 3. Press the middle of the paired key fob once to manually lock the door open indicator light and twice to unlock the doors.

Step: 4. Press the back of the key fob accessory to open the trunk.

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Phone key

Utilizing your smartphone as a key is a suitable method to access the Model 3. As you come, your smartphone’s Bluetooth beep is seen and doors open.

Also, when you obtain out and go with the key, the door open indicator light will mechanically manually lock.

Before you may utilize your smartphone to access the Model 3, observe these actions to authenticate it:

  1. Download the Tesla mobile app on your phone.
  2. Sign in to the Tesla mobile app using your Tesla account username and password.
  3. Guarantee.

Access to your location is enabled. Open the Tesla mobile app in your phone settings and select Location > Always.

Allow mobile access is enabled on the vehicle’s touchscreen (Manage > Security > Allow mobile access).

  1. While sitting in the vehicle with the key card handy, open the Tesla mobile app and tap Set Phone Key on the home screen, or go to Security > Set Phone Key. Follow the instructions on the mobile app and on the car’s touchscreen to set up your key.

To consider an inventory of keys that may now access the Model 3 or delete a key, tap Manage > Locks.

Model 3 may commune to 3 smartphone controls at the same time. Therefore, if more than 3 smartphone keys are seen, and you would like to authenticate or pair with another smartphone, drive the other corresponding keys out of coverage or incapacitate their Bluetooth setting.

Note: Only the front doors are equipped with manual door releases.

Manual door releases are only for use in situations where the Model 3 is not powered.

Whenever the Model 3 is powered up, use the button located on top of the interior door handle.

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Does Tesla Model 3 automatically lock?

Your Model 3 will automatically if the walk-away door lock feature is enabled. Just get out of the car and walk away door lock with your phone keys or key fob in your pocket. Once you go out of range, your Model 3 will be locked out.

Why does my Tesla not lock when I walk away?

If the Model 3 detects the authenticated key within five minutes of you exiting the vehicle and closing all doors, the exit lock will disengage, and only the front doors will not lock when you leave. In this case, your manual door release located the vehicle until the next trip.


Tesla’s deep desire to be tech-savvy confuses many people, but that’s Tesla. You have to learn even the most basic things about it.

I hope after reading this article, you will now be able doors lock/unlock your Model 3 using eight different methods.

I would advise you to keep it simple. In my opinion, a keychain is the safest and easiest bet. While a very handy feature can sometimes give you a walk-away door lock. Better not risk it.

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