Hard choices: Tesla black interior or white interior

You are going to become a proud owner of the Tesla Model 3. Everything is settled. Funds secured, configuration ordered, essential features specified. Only one problem is left unsolved. The interior upholstery color. Black or white? That’s a million-dollar question. A thousand-dollar question, actually, because that’s the price difference. Is it worth it?

Tesla comes in a black and white interior. Those are the only options you have. Sometimes a narrow choice doesn’t make it easier to make a decision. We suggest looking at the options from two angles: practical and intuitive.

Let’s start with the latter.

tesla black interior

Black and white. Power of color

We spend a lot of time in a car, driving almost everywhere. We love and take care of our cars. It’s like a friend. And it’s undoubtedly important, what color we surround ourselves with.


We usually associate black with a formal style and elegance. It’s powerful but not flashy. In design, black can be really versatile: edgy or conventional, conservative or mysterious.

We can match black with almost any color, thus creating original impressions.

Although considered neutral, this color exudes strength and confidence.



Another neutral color, but with an alternative vibe. Clean and pure — these are our primary associations with white.

Also, general goodness. In design, it is a color of choice of minimalistic styles.

The white interior looks simple and beautiful at the same time.


The black interior of Tesla Model

In choosing the interior upholstery color, we should take into account the above-mentioned symbolism of black and white because it will influence us whether we want it or not.

But there are also practical issues that are critical to consider before making the ultimate choice.

So, what does the Tesla Model 3 look like?

We love the laconic elegance of the black central armrest and the dashboard with a long, narrow wooden bar, which continues on the door and accentuates the all-black interior of Tesla.

Black seats are made of vegan leather, which gives points to the model designers for their eco-friendly approach. The doors in the black interior model are black too, as well as the steering wheel.

As you know, black is a neutral color, and if this all-black look is too formal or too boring for you, throw in some colorful accessories, they will make the black interior model of Tesla look more vibrant.

But that’s up to a personal preference.

The interior in the black color is a standard option for Tesla Model 3. The white interior model is not.

black interior

The white interior of Tesla Model

We’ll start with the bad news. If you want a white interior, you’ll have to pay extra for the custom order. USD 1,000, to be precise.


If you keep in mind that it’s a little more than 2% of the total price, it’s not such a big deal. But it’s still more money, so choose wisely.

With a white interior, your seats will also be made of vegan leather instead of luxurious leather from dead cows.

It’s a detail that fortunately is becoming more and more important for many folks. An eco-friendly position in design means that the company is willing to take some responsibility for environmental protection.

A white bar on the dashboard and the door replaces the wood accent of the black Tesla model. The door looks very cool with this white detail.

At the same time, a black central armrest, a steering wheel, a console, and doors retain the black color. You can basically say that it’s a black-and-white interior, not just white.

The major concern about white interiors is that white gets dirty fast and is a pain to clean—especially white leather seats. Fortunately, the white leather of the Tesla Model 3 is vegan, which makes it much less porous compared to genuine luxurious leather.

That’s the reason it doesn’t get dirty easily, and we can wipe off accidental spills of coffee or wine without any permanent damage to the white seats.

There is a significant benefit of the white interior, and it’s connected with the ability of the white color to reflect light.

Of course, with a Tesla car, you can turn on the air-conditioner in advance with an application, but anything can happen, and you may have to get into a heated car. And in such a case, white interiors and especially white seats are a hundred times better than black ones.

An interesting observation was made about a white interior and specifically white seats in cars. Seating there is more comfortable. Of course, it’s very subjective but still worth thinking about.

The next point, however, is not subjective at all. A white interior gives an impression of a larger space. This is a nice bonus too. You’ll never feel claustrophobic in the white interior of your Tesla car.

Now back to style. It turns out that not every inch of the Tesla white interior is really white, it’s more like a black-and-white interior. It’s a classically elegant combination that matches black sophistication and white simplicity together. But whether we call it a white interior or a black-and-white interior doesn’t matter. It looks pretty cool, and that’s important.

And finally, we wanted to debunk the myth that the white interior of Tesla will wear out faster than black. It turns out that this car is quite resilient, and white seats resisted invasions of adults, children, and dogs pretty well and preserved whiteness and cleanliness (tried and tested during family vacations).


Final thoughts

Whether you choose white or black for your Tesla interior is up to you. A black seat seems easier to maintain at first sight, but a white seat doesn’t cause many problems either. White interior costs more money for the custom order but feels more spacious.

A nice bonus to the black Tesla is that you pay USD 1,000 less.

We are absolutely confident that you’ll make the best choice and select the Tesla you’ll enjoy the most.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the white or black interior better for Tesla?

They both look great. There is a stereotype that if the seats are white, they will stain quickly. It’s not true for Tesla. The seat material in Tesla is less porous vegan leather, which doesn’t get dirty or wear out fast.

Tesla with white interior is USD 1,000 more costly, but if you really like white seats and interior, don’t let it stop you.

Does Tesla black interior get hot?

Tesla has many cool features. Among them — pre-conditioning. If you can’t use the app, Tesla in black color will get pretty hot in the sunlight.

Does the Tesla white interior get dirty?

Tesla uses vegan leather for the upholstery. It’s more resistant to dirt because it doesn’t absorb as easily as genuine leather. You won’t need to clean every inch of the upholstery every day. Don’t worry about that.

Are white Tesla seats softer than black?

White and black seats are the same in terms of their softness. However, white seats do feel softer and more comfortable. Maybe it’s because the white color is perceived as softer and airier, and black — more solid.

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