How long do Tesla tires last, can the owners have unevenly worn tires?

When assembling all Tesla cars, high-quality parts are used that last a long time. This also applies to tires. However, many are interested in how long do Tesla tires last.

How long do Tesla tires last: tire life on Tesla vehicles

Before examining the question of how long do Tesla tires last, it should be noted that all tires are of excellent quality. Their service life is 25-30 thousand miles. The exact figures depend on the quality of the road in your area and how you drive.

High durability rates are determined by the fact that higher quality materials are used in the production of tires, including durable rubber. Some vehicle owners note that Tesla tires last a little longer than the manufacturer claims.

This can be explained by the fact that people drove at a moderate speed, and in their region, there was a high-quality and fresh road surface.

Can electric cars wear tires faster?

Tires on electric vehicles wear out much faster when compared with gasoline vehicles. On average, tire changes are required 3-10 thousand miles earlier than in a conventional car.

Everything is explained quite simply. Machines powered by electricity have full torque, which is achieved instantly. As the car starts to accelerate, more raw power is delivered to the tires. Tire wear out faster if you accelerate quickly and sharply from a standstill.

Because of this, the coating burns out faster, and the material begins to be cut off from the surface. It is possible that the tires were subjected to an additional load when the regeneration was carried out. Often, experts note that the front (driving) tires wear out faster than the rear tires. This makes reinstallation more difficult.

Does Tesla have special tires?

Almost all electric cars supplied by Tesla are equipped with specific tires. The Michelin brand manufactures them. They provide a unique technology associated with acoustics. Therefore, the noise level in the cabin is 20% lower. The gasket is made of polyurethane, so it helps absorb noise.

It also helps to reduce vibration when the tires are in contact with the road surface. Tesla cars can be complemented with tires from other manufacturers, including Pirelli, Continental, and Hankook.

It all depends on the model of the vehicle. After all, the size of the wheel is taken into account, as well as other characteristics. Tesla does not differ in the presence of a standard tire size. That is, in some models, the front wheels are somewhat more compact than the rear ones.

Differences between Tesla tires and other companies

Tesla is trying to use tires that are premium. This ensures the best results. Often used tires that were specifically designed for installation on Tesla vehicles. Therefore, they provide high-speed acceleration.

In such models, there are thick side parts. The structure itself is more durable because it is made of high-quality rubber or rubber of synthetic origin. Tesla cars are equipped with radial tires. After all, diagonal models have long been a thing of the past.

Differences in durability

The exact life of the tires on the machines may vary. It all depends on the vehicle as well as the tire rotation. If you have chosen a car with four-wheel drive, then the front tires wear out faster than the rear ones if you do not make a tire rotation regularly.

Is it possible to put regular tires on Tesla cars?

If necessary, you can use the tires that you have, or you have preferred a particular model. However, first, you need to make sure that they are compatible with the vehicle. However, it is better not to do so.

As already mentioned, tires from Tesla are of higher quality when compared with conventional options. Therefore, they help improve the driving performance of the car. It should be noted that special tires are much better in quality, braking, traction, and puncture ability.

They also slip less on the road and can hold optimal pressure. If you live in a cold region of the country, Tesla winter tires create extra resistance when driving in snow. In hot weather, they better withstand hot asphalt.

Considering all these advantages, Tesla tires will not be much more expensive than other options. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend money on options that will wear out many times faster. After all, you have to buy tires more often, as well as go to a service center. This significantly exceeds the difference in price at the initial purchase.

How often should tires be changed on Tesla cars?

It is recommended to change tires every 6,250 miles. If the tread depth difference between the wheels is 2/32 inches, you also need to call the service center for a replacement.

What are the disadvantages of Tesla tires?

You need to understand that your own tires from Tesla are of high quality. However, several parameters indicate that they do not be relevant for everyone. If you have an all-wheel drive model, and you plan to drive on a dirt or gravel road, the choice of treads is significantly reduced.

Some owners of Tesla cars live in villages dominated by dirt roads. Tires from Tesla are designed for all weather and are characterized by a small thickness.

Therefore, they do not help you deal with heavy dirt. Also of note is the lack of flat-running tires. Namely, these are needed for most modern sedans.

Modern car protectors that have been released recently have a specific design. They guarantee your safety on a blown tire. Therefore, even if there is a slight gap, you can drive the vehicle. If you install tires from Tesla, you will have to call a tow.

How expensive are Tesla tires?

As already mentioned, such options are expensive when compared with similar road tires. Yes, this is due to the use of expensive materials that are required at the production stage.

Many are interested in the difference in price, which helps to approach the buying process correctly. On average, Tesla tires cost $200-$700 more than standard treads.

Often the tires installed on Tesla vehicles are just a version of other classic premium tires. Therefore, they can be found in other cars.

Do Tesla cars have spare tires?

The company does not supply spare wheels. This practice appeared several years ago, and the company does not bear any responsibility for this.

In the 80s of the last century, almost all vehicles were supplied to the market with spare wheels.

After that, more compact and efficient vehicles began to be produced. Therefore, the manufacturers decided that they needed to replace the full-size spare wheel with a more compact one. It is often referred to as a “bagel”. Vehicles from Tesla do not have a full or compact spare tire.

However, you can apply a special tire patch kit if you notice your flat tire. Some machine models are supplied with a pump. However, you may have to buy it separately. Such a decision was likely because almost all vehicle owners live in large settlements.

Therefore, if necessary, they can call the evacuation service. However, if your tire blows while you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, then you’re just out of luck. For safety reasons, you have to buy a donut spare tire yourself. Make sure that the bolts on it are located in the same way as in the car.

Tires can be folded into the trunk, where they do not take up much space. And this decision is much more profitable than buying a jack. On the official website of Tesla, you can buy a special pump, as well as a tire repair kit. The purchase costs $70.

The kit includes several items, including a container with sealant, a compressor, an inflation needle, a cone-shaped nozzle, and a bag for compact and convenient storage. It should be remembered that a repaired tire does not last long. Therefore, it is necessary to change the tire at the first tire fitting station.

Tesla tire life extension

Quite often, people are trying to figure out exactly how to extend the life of the tires on Tesla cars.

Avoid hard acceleration

If you pick up speed quickly, the tires will wear out faster. After all, tires can quickly shatter into pieces if you often drive the car at incredible speeds.

Driving on quality roads

Try to drive on quality roads. Avoid dirt or gravel roads.

Driving speed reduction

As you know, driving at high speed is quite life-threatening. If you follow all the rules of the road, you can protect yourself and extend the life of your Tesla tires. Especially if the weather is hot.

Avoid hard braking

Tires often wear out if you brake hard. Yes, tires from Tesla are more resistant to this when compared to other options. However, it is better to give up the habit of activating the anti-lock brake system when approaching a traffic light.

Changing tires at a specific interval

Remember that tires need to be changed at regular intervals. If uneven tire wear occurs, it means that you did not carry out a timely replacement. Because of this, the performance of the vehicle may suffer.


If you are faced with Tesla tires, varies questions may arise.

How often do Tesla tires need replacing?

Replacement should be carried out at intervals of 6 years. The procedure may be required earlier if there are indications for this. If the kit is worn out, it is better to immediately change all four tires.

Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

Electric cars are heavier than other vehicles. Tires wear out much faster due to the extra weight.

How long do Tesla car tires last?

The manufacturer claims that the durability of the tires is 30,000 miles. However, they can wear out after 25,000 miles or 40,000 miles. It all depends on the roads in your region, as well as your driving habits.

How much does it cost to replace Tesla tires?

You can replace a Tesla tire for $280-$300. When replacing the kit, you have to pay $1140-1200 for new tires.


As you can see, Tesla tires last quite a long time. However, you need to regularly look after them, and focus on driving habits and road quality. Try to change tires every 5 years, which guarantees your safety and economy.

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