How to open Tesla glove box: best methods

The glove box is present in every new Tesla car that is mounted to its front window. All cars come with dashboards that act like drawers where you store all the necessary items you need for your daily life.

The driver sits directly beside the storage box.

If you own a Tesla Model 3, you understand how hard it is to open the glove box on this auto. It’s usually opened with the help of electric motors. When something breaks, you cannot hold a handle to close it and push it down.


Usually, Teslas have a discreet glove box without handles. You can open glovebox in different ways.

Continue reading this article to find out how to open glove box in Tesla Model 3!

Voice commands

Most often, to open the glove box one must use an electric vehicle voice command.

Just tap the glove box button to open glovebox.

It will be displayed if a PIN code is installed to unlock the glove box.

Glove Box PIN

What can I store in a glove box?

Think of a glove box PIN number if you store private data in the glove box, like Sentry Mode on a USB drive. PIN numbers are needed for glove box opening. Remember that glove boxes are no safes.


In addition, the glove box has a manual release function that allows a user to access the dashboard and unlock the latch by hand. It is necessary to open the passenger door.

Set a PIN to lock the glove box

For more details about setting PIN numbers tap the Car icon > Control > Safe and Security > Glove Box button. Use these guidelines for setting a PIN number.

How to remove PIN?

For the removal of an access code, tap Disable button.


If you want a PIN number, push the Car icon -> Quick Control -> Security -> Safety and Security.

Unlike other apps that require your PIN, don’t be surprised if you forget it. Then log onto Tesla to change your password. Then click on your PIN to reset your password in your glove box.

You must fill in the PIN before the glovebox opens.

For all those who feel paranoia over the use of a PIN number or fear that sleuthing can decipher them by examining their fingerprint patterns, don’t worry anymore.

Is there a way to change the PIN for a Tesla Glove box?

Most often, if a person forgot their PIN the glove box can be opened with a numeric key.


If you click on this button, you will be asked for a new password for a vehicle.

I don’t remember my glove box PIN

If the glove box has no auto code or you forgot your PIN, you can reset your PIN using your Tesla password.

Is there a way to open the glove box by hand?

The following steps will provide you with manual access to the glove box latch mechanism:


You may unlock the car and move to the passenger side.


You can remove the side panel from the passenger side of the dashboard.


It may be done using an Allen key or a hex key, open the latch by hand.

Now you can manually open the glove box!

How to unlock the glove box on your Model 3 using voice commands?


Locate and simply press the voice activation button that is positioned on your steering wheel.


You can say “open glove box”.


A notification saying that the glove box is opening appears on the screen.

If you see that the lights are turned on and you see the entry screen, the voice command on your steering wheel worked well.

Why I can’t close my glove box?

Reason 1

The trigger will not spring again when the glovebox is closed. By manually releasing and reversing the circular trigger buttons in the glove box door you could find the problem.

Reason 2

It can also be due to the vehicle being in Valet mode – if Valet mode is turned on, you won’t be able to open the glovebox.

Other reasons

If the business is still closed there contact the Tesla service via the Tesla app for help.

My glove box is malfunctioning: what should I do?

As with most Tesla technology features, you’d have trouble opening it mainly when you have voice and touchscreen options.

Install the latest software update

Like your smartphone, software updates often fix many bugs that keep your glove box open, especially voice commands.

Staying up to date on software updates is an easy way for Tesla.

The system will enable you to use the latest functionality when they are launched.

Reboot your Tesla

Again the reset on a Tesla can help address any lingering problems that can block the opening and closing of your glove box. A quick reboot may work.

Touchscreen or Voice Command aren’t options? Try the manual router

They are always safer by betting the auto-opening system – they do not require technological advancements. This is the whole truth about Tesla’s reliability and this prevents errors from occurring.


How do you unlock Tesla glove box?

You must click Control to access the Teslas glove box. The button is on the lower part of your screen. Select the Glove box. The glove box opens and the light turns on.

Can you manually open glove box Tesla?

The glove box is opened via the side panel on the dashboard and is manually released. It is important that the person can access the passenger side door.

How do you remove the glovebox PIN on a Tesla?

Glove box PIN. If enabled, you’re asked to use this PIN to open a glove box. To disable this option, select toggle to disable and click on PIN. If the battery is lost, reset this with the Tesla login password then follow the prompt.

Final thoughts

If you are an owner of a Tesla Model 3 or a Tesla Model Y, knowing how to open the glove box is essential information for you.

Now you know that you can use either the voice command button, the touch screen, or just open the latch manually.

Whether you decide to use the glove box PIN screen, the glove box latch mechanism or open the glove box manually – you will still be able to enjoy the latest technology of your Tesla Model 3, and to open the glove box you won’t have to struggle anymore.

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