Best tesla color. A manual to Tesla paint colors

You are going to get all the information you require in this article to pick the perfect color for your Tesla, so you can finally drive that gorgeous car home!

A Tesla first-time purchase is usually a thrilling endeavor. You’re going to become a part of an exclusive club of car owners!

Choosing the ideal color is one of the most important aspects of the purchase after you have your mind made up about the car. Your choice of color can have a significant impact.

Keep in mind that a car’s exterior color does not entirely define how it looks. Other minor elements like the color of the inside, the color of the calipers, the resale value, the linings, and other minor accessories contribute to the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

How to pick the ideal color for your Tesla will be covered below.

Tesla model colors

The renowned electric vehicles, which range from the Tesla Model 3 to the Model Y, are available in five Tesla model color options.

Midnight silver metallic

Look no further than Midnight silver metallic to get Tesla’s most preferred paint shade. The deeper color creates a subtle yet elegant appearance and blends flawlessly with Tesla’s chrome accents.

Midnight silver metallic is a fantastic choice for the serious, uncomplicated, beautiful car owner. Due to the popularity of Midnight silver metallic, future price cuts for Midnight silver metallic Tesla models are less expected.

This is good news if you ever intend to sell your car because it indicates that your Tesla in this color will probably have a good resale value over time.

Additionally, the silver metallic shade conceals dirt better than a darker color does.

Deep blue metallic

For your Tesla, a Deep blue metallic finish is another metallic choice with a little extra color.

Deep blue metallic is stylish and professional, and it makes a statement. Anyone who enjoys the wide sky and the water will find deep blue to be a soothing, cool, and reliable color. It has a good resale value.

While Deep blue metallic is less common among buyers of premium vehicles, it is a color choice that will make your Tesla stand out from the other cars on the road. It will just cost you an additional $1,000 if blue is your color. This cost is equivalent to that of a black or silver coat.

Red multi-coat model

Are you prepared to drive like a powerful professional racer? You can have a Red multi-coat model, your ideal color, for an extra $2,000 dollars. What greater shade of red is suitable for your Tesla car if it can boost your energy and confidence while driving?

Viewing a red car on the road has a certain fascination. Owning a Red multi-coat Model 3 exudes strength and authority in addition to seeming like a throwback to earlier generations of race vehicles.

Pearl white multi-coat

It comes as a result of the multi-coat painting technique’s excellent quality. This paint must be of the greatest and best quality, and the Pearl white shade really highlights those qualities with no cost option.

The fact that this hue is free contributes to making it superior to the red alternative. You can save $2000 compared to the red choice and it is a standard color option.

Solid black

Despite the fact that many people think this is the most glamorous color for an automobile. On your Tesla Model 3, Solid black is definitely the worst option you can choose. Although black has a gorgeous appearance, its shortcomings place it at the end of the list.

You’ll have to pay an additional $1500 for the Solid black shade. Due to the fact that Solid black is notorious to draw dirt. That indicates that you are overpaying and adding to your workload when it comes time to wash it. Additionally, there is a chance that the metal will chip and become exposed to the environment. 

Solid black is ideal for a driver who values a formal, vintage appearance. Black will always make you seem fashionable!

What is Tesla’s main colour?

The main and standard Tesla shade that won’t set you back extra money is Pearl white. However, Pearl white is a well-known favorite for selling used cars. For a calm personality who leads with light, Pearl white is ideal.

Pearl white is the only color that is free to use. Although it’s not explicitly specified, there shouldn’t be a problem if the color is metallic. All automobiles, regardless of finish, seem elegant when painted white, and Tesla’s straightforward, flowing lines make no exception.

Are Tesla models affordable?

Tesla models are expensive, and in some areas, they might be as expensive as a modest house. A higher short-term investment, however, might result in significant long-term savings. Knowing this, you might be unsure about your ability to buy a Tesla in the future.

What bills do you have right now?

Since Tesla cars are expensive, you should consider if you can actually afford one given your existing monthly expenses. The answer to this query is simple. Simply deduct your monthly expenses from your income.

Just be aware that they could cost from $700 to roughly $2,000 depending on the Tesla model you choose and the term of your loan.

What expenses can you reduce?

If your current expenses don’t allow you to make the monthly payments, consider making some sacrifices that might allow you to purchase a Tesla.

For instance, if you frequently eat out and subscribe to services you hardly ever use, your monthly spending might easily reach hundreds of dollars, you should think about reducing them or eliminating them entirely from your cost column.

Acquiring a Tesla shouldn’t ever come before paying for necessities like food, drink, housing, and heat.

What color Tesla is most popular?

Pearl white multi-coat is one of the Tesla Model 3 colors for which you won’t have to pay an additional fee. It is unquestionably the most popular Tesla shade and is a nice shade.

It is popular not only because it is a stylish, cost-free choice, but also because it is simple to maintain and hides scratches.

Darker colors, where flaws are more obvious, are better at drawing attention away from them than light colors.

Which Tesla color is the most affordable?

Regardless of the model, Pearl white multi-coat is often the most affordable Tesla shade. Its status as the main color explains this.

You’ll note that the cost of a Tesla depends on the color you select when you go to purchase one. This is due to the fact that some hues are easier to produce, making them more accessible to the business and, consequently, less expensive to source.

Pearl white multi-coat is the least expensive color for all Tesla cars since it is included in the pricing. Because it is available for purchase at no additional cost, regardless of the model, Pearl white multi-coat is frequently cited as one of, if not the best color for a Tesla.

It’s important to keep in mind that some models come standard with the midnight silver metallic color in select areas. Again, this varies on where you purchase your Tesla, but it shows that pearl white isn’t necessarily the least expensive option.

Which Tesla color is the most expensive?

The Red multi-coat Tesla color is typically the priciest choice. While hues like Pearl white and occasionally also Midnight silver metallic are part of the pricing, it can cost more than $2,500 more on top of the car’s original sticker price. The second most costly color is usually Deep blue metallic.

You might be surprised to learn that the price of your new automobile could increase by four figures if you adore the way a particular color appears on a Tesla.

Colors like Deep blue metallic, Midnight silver, and Solid black will cost you significantly more than Pearl white and, in some situations, Midnight silver metallic.

They are not the priciest Tesla cars available, though; that distinction belongs to the Red multi-coat. No matter which Tesla type you choose to purchase, the Red multi-coat will cost you more than any other color.

Then, things really start to become interesting: The cost of a Red multi-coat varies based on the Tesla model you want to purchase.

At least you won’t have to spend as much money on the Model 3 or Y as you would if you wanted to buy a Model Y or Model S in that color. Want to make some savings? You will save money by choosing Pearl white or, in some situations, Midnight silver metallic.

Which Tesla color hides scratches the best?

Teslas are more likely to hide scratches easier in lighter colors than in darker colors. The best Tesla model shade for hiding scratches is the Pearl white option, which comes standard on each of the models and is also the least expensive.

What is the rarest Tesla color?

One of the most expensive and rare exterior paint colors for Tesla vehicles is Red multi-coat. Being as exciting as this color is, this shouldn’t be shocking.

Although this deep red might be more expensive, it’s the color to choose with if you want the Model 3 to have the greatest “wow factor”. This will actually dazzle, be brilliantly bright, and represent a slightly more uncommon and unique option for Tesla buyers.

Which color is best on Tesla?

Which Tesla colors are the best is primarily a matter of personal taste, but some are superior to others for particular tasks. The Pearl white default color is the least expensive. Though lighter colors are great for reflecting sunlight, you could select a different color if you want to best conceal scratches.

Obsidian black metallic is a stunning shade, but sadly Tesla no longer provides it as a choice.

Pearl white multi aesthetics coats are among the greatest for more than simply how they reflect light, despite the fact that the ideal colors for Tesla cars are purely a matter of personal preference.

For starters, the hue is easier to maintain than dark colors because it does effectively hide imperfections like tiny scratches.

Which Tesla interior colors are the best?

The ideal interior colors for a Tesla mostly depend on personal preference, although it’s important to keep in mind that a white interior color can run you an additional $2,000 or so compared to a black interior.

The black interior would conceal stains and hide dirt easier, but it will also heat up quickly. Cleaning the white interior isn’t too difficult.

Although the added expense for the white interior color differs, you will often pay more if you want to buy a Model S or Model X.

More comfortable cream interiors are also available in the Model X and Model S, although they come at an additional expense.

Overall, if cutting expenses is your priority, choose a black interior but, if you’ve got the money and would rather have a white interior, you won’t be dissatisfied.

Do you consider a Tesla to be the ideal vehicle for me?

Tesla cars are highly regarded for different reasons. You could appreciate the brand name because Tesla cars are among the most popular electric vehicles on the market right now. In spite of higher initial expenditures, you can also find value in the fact that you won’t have to fill up your petrol tank weekly or so.

Do you believe the rewards outweigh the expenses?

Tesla cars are more expensive than the majority of new cars. Their batteries are extremely pricey, and depending on your preferred paint color, you can end up paying a few thousand dollars higher for a Tesla if you choose a red scheme rather than a white one.

Buying insurance might be expensive. Using electricity still has a cost. The list continues.

The fact that you won’t need to buy gas every week may allow you to save some money with a Tesla, despite the upfront costs. A Tesla Model 3 typically costs around $10 to $11, and a Model S typically costs around $17 to $18 to charge.

Is being wealthy necessary to buy a Tesla?

Although you don’t need to be wealthy to buy a Tesla, you will need to either have a large sum of money saved aside for one or be capable of paying the hefty monthly payments, which could be as high as $2,000 for higher-end models. Being financially sound, not necessarily wealthy, is the key to buying a Tesla.

How to select the perfect color for your brand-new Tesla.

The best color for your brand-new Tesla will depend on a number of factors. You should consider whether you want to stick out from another Tesla model on the road or try to maximize your resale value.

Additionally, you could be searching for a Tesla that can conceal flaws like minor dents and hides scratches the best.

If you want to increase the value, you should pick an exterior and interior hue that has been shown to keep its worth the best over time.

If you want a distinctive color, you will draw attention, however, if its history demonstrates that its value declines more quickly over time, it won’t be as simple to sell.

Prices fluctuate based on color

Since some Tesla colors cost less than others, you should also consider the whole cost. Additionally, you need to be aware of whether colors are less expensive or if they are already included in the price if you want to get the most for your money. Some Tesla colors cost more to produce, which contributes to their higher costs.

What’s the weight of a Tesla battery?

Many people may ask how many pounds the batteries weigh in Tesla’s lineup of vehicles as a result.

The Model S, which boasts of the maximum range of all the Tesla vehicles, has the biggest battery, weighing from 1060 pounds (480 kg) to 1200 pounds (540 kg). The battery weight and range of the Tesla Model 3 are the lowest. The bulkiest parts of Tesla vehicles are their batteries.

It would be reasonable to expect that the batteries in the long-range and performance models would be a bit bulkier than the battery in the ordinary Tesla Model 3 due to increased battery capacity and increased vehicle weight.

The battery for the Tesla Model X weighs 1183 pounds (537 kg), and the vehicle itself weighs 5185 pounds (2182 kg). In comparison to the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model S, the Model X’s battery accounts for a smaller amount of the vehicle’s overall weight.

The Model X’s bulkier and chunkier design also contributes to its lower range.

Should your Tesla Model 3 be wrapped?

Tesla cars are coated with soft paint, making it easier for them to scratch or sustain other types of damage unless the paint is protected to ensure it will survive. However, there are many advantages to covering your Tesla Model 3 besides only safeguarding the paint

How much does a Tesla Model 3 wrap cost?

Wrapping a Tesla Model 3 can run between $2,000 to $8,000 in price. The price will vary depending on the sort of wrap you pick and the portion of the Model 3 you wish to wrap. Where you have your automobile wrapped will also affect it.


Because it is the standard and hence the least expensive color, keeps the car cool by reflecting sunlight, and effectively conceals blemishes, Pearl white is typically the ideal color for a Tesla. The Model X and Model S, also retains their worth, the best.

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