Why are Tesla tires so expensive: is it justified?

As you know, cars that run on electricity are very expensive compared to classic vehicles. This has to do with the durability of the components, and tires are no exception. More about why are Tesla tires so expensive will be discussed in this article.

Tesla tires cost

Quite often people wonder why are Tesla tires so expensive. Tesla’s electric car has different tire sizes. Therefore, the price for them differs not only in the purchase but also in the repair.

The average Tesla tires cost is 280-300 dollars for 1 unit. To buy 4 new tires, you will need to pay 1100-1200 dollars. If you decide to buy Tesla tires, then the purchase price is not the only parameter that you need to pay attention to.


You also have to pay an extra $ 140-150 for tire installment costs. All this makes tires for a Tesla electric car quite expensive, even when compared to electric car batteries. After all, Tesla tires are not as durable as batteries and need constant repair and tire replacement.

The cost of the purchase will differ, depending on the country and state. The more showrooms in the country, the more affordable the cost of tires will be. Due to high demand or lack of supply, the Tesla tires cost will increase.

If the showroom is in the business of importing certain pairs of tires, their price will go up. This is due to high import taxes in the country.

In America and China, where components for the Tesla electric car are made, buying a new set of Tesla tires will be inexpensive.

The cost in different US states also differs because there is a difference in the average cost of labor and a flat rate of taxes. If the country has a cheap labor force, for example, in India, the cost of recovery will be low when compared with developed European countries.

The average cost of tires for Tesla cars of the third series

The Tesla Model 3 is in special demand. The sedan is small and affordable. The body of the Tesla Model 3 is compact and light in weight. Because of this, buying Tesla tires will be more affordable when compared with other car models.

On average, for 4 tires on a Tesla Model 3, you will have to pay $1,140. If you add labor costs and taxes, you will have to pay 1350-1370 dollars.

Reasons for high prices for Tesla Model 3 tires

If you buy a new Tesla Model 3 it will come with Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires. There is no spare in the trunk. Tires can be fitted to 20″ wheels. They are designed for light electric car weight, high speeds, and durability.

Primacy MXM4 tires are designed for premium sedans. However, if possible, you can install them on compact SUVs. The tires have an asymmetric pattern, as well as zigzag grooves. Therefore, they will have better lateral stability.

They will better grip the road, making driving safer. If you want to determine how good a car tire will be, you need to first look at the wear resistance rating, traction rating, temperature ratings, and average mileage.


The tires that fit the Tesla Model 3 have a rating of 500. The maximum rating you can earn is 1000. The closer the score is to 1000, the better the durability will be. Given that the tires in question have a rating of only 500, they will not be overly durable. Service life will be average.

You also need to look at the grip rating of the Tesla tires. Ratings are given from AA to C. This helps to understand how well the tires can stop on wet or slippery roads. If the rating is AA, then the tire will stop almost immediately after applying the brake.

If the clutch is C, then when driving on a slippery road, the tires will slide. Tires that are installed on the Tesla Model 3 are rated A or AA. Therefore, it is possible to control speed, stability, and braking when driving on wet surfaces. It is important to pay attention to the temperature rating.

This is a classic indicator that helps to check the heat resistance of a tire.

The values can vary from A to C. If the value is A, the tire will be resistant to different temperatures. If the indicator is C, then the heat resistance indicators will be low. The tires that are installed on the Tesla Model 3 differ in A.

This allows them to maintain their quality and performance characteristics even if there are extremely high temperatures outside. On average, Tesla tires will last about 40,000 miles. That is, for each mile you will pay about 3.4 cents. If the damage appears before the specified mileage, Tesla will repair it because the warranty will still be valid.


The tires that will be bundled with the Tesla Model 3 will not deflate. If you’re buying a vehicle to move across different terrains, it makes sense to use flat tires as a replacement.

Necessary options

You can pay attention to the following tire options:

  1. If the upgrade is going to be sporty so that the Tesla Model 3 can move at high speeds, look for 18-inch tires. The best solution would be Michelin Pilot Sport Aero Wheels 4S 235/45R18 95Y Summer Performance.
  2. If the upgrade is going to be general so that the vehicle can be driven on rough terrain and slopes, it makes sense to choose 19-inch tires. The optimal solution would be Michelin Pilot Sports Wheels 4S 235/40R19 93Y Summer Performance.

Actions with a flat tire on a Tesla Model 3

As you know, the tires that are put on a Tesla vehicle can wear out over time. Acceleration of depreciation occurs under the influence of various factors, including exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, temperature changes, the presence of steep slopes, etc.

If you purchased an electric car from Tesla, then you need to change tires according to a specific schedule. This will optimize the performance as well as the durability of the electric car. Even if you take good care of your tires and take care of them regularly, punctures and damage are not ruled out.


Inside the popular Tesla model, there is a built-in system that helps control the tire’s pressure. As soon as damage is observed in the tires, due to which the amount of air is reduced, an audible signal will be emitted. The driver will know about the breakdown.

Thanks to this function, the safety of not only the electric car but also passengers will be achieved.

As soon as the car starts moving with flat tires, the probability of losing balance will increase. Because of this, accidents can happen.

If you hear a signal that the wheels have started to go down, you can do different things. More details about the most correct actions will be discussed below.

Visit a car workshop

Once you know you’ve punctured a tire, it won’t start to deflate right away. Often you have time to get to the workshop, which is nearby. This is because there is no possibility of rapid loss of air and tire pressure. In the workshop, specialists will quickly fix the breakdown, and the cost of the work will be low.

Contact technical support on the go

If you move through a busy area, finding a workshop is not difficult. However, if you are driving on a highway, or on a road that you do not know well, it will be more difficult to find a repair service.

If you notice a flat tire on such a road, it is better to stop the electric car. Park on the side of the road in a safe place. Call tech support right away. The help team, which comes to any place, uses a special pump that helps to increase tire pressure.


You can ask them to bring a spare tire with you, specifying the Tesla model. If necessary, the team will tow your car to the nearest repair shop. This will be required if the tires have been damaged.

You can call the repair team that comes to the roads by phone. Therefore, you should always have several contact numbers in the glove compartment of your electric car, depending on which state you are in.

If you frequently travel between states, it’s a good idea to have brigade numbers in all states.

Spare wheel use

If you plan to travel a long distance by car, and you will encounter urban areas along the way, it is better to always have a spare tire in the trunk.

This allows you to be prepared for various unforeseen situations. Even if the tire is flat or punctured, you can still make a tire replacement.

Tire pressure maintenance methods

The tires must be kept at the correct pressure at all times. If the tires are poorly inflated, even the battery will experience unhealthy pressure. Because of this, there is a reduction in the range, battery capacity, and duration.

Main steps

To check and adjust the air pressure in the tires of a Tesla electric car, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cap that is on the valve.
  2. Use a special device – an air pressure gauge. It must be tested and worked with accuracy. It must be pressed into the valve that was opened in the previous step.
  3. Find the instruction manual to clarify the optimal pressure readings. With the help of a pump, you can add the amount of air, or release the excess.
  4. As soon as you normalize the pressure, measure the indicators again. To do this, use a manometer.
  5. Replace the cap as soon as the readings are normal. Be sure to tighten it to prevent leaks.

Tire life extension

So that in the future you do not have to spend a lot of money on replacing or repairing tires, it is better to start preventing damage right away. Check the air pressure in all tires in advance if you are planning a long journey. If there is a problem with the tires, you should immediately contact the service center.

Always keep a spare tire in the trunk. After all, unforeseen situations can happen at any moment, and it is impossible to drive further on a deformed or punctured tire, and it is very dangerous. If possible, reduce unnecessary vehicle weight.


The heavier the car, the faster the tires will wear out. Therefore, for repair or replacement of tires will need to be recorded in advance. If the weather is hot outside, you should allow time for the tires to cool if you plan to drive. Do not actively drive over rough terrain.

If you prefer to drive at high speed, you should not try to stop immediately. Give preference to driving at a controlled speed. The acceleration must be constant.

Tesla tire life

Tesla’s electric car is designed to move around the city, which causes tires to wear out faster. However, you should be able to get about 30,000 miles with a set of tires. If they are not balanced or aligned, the tires will wear out quickly and fail faster.

Tesla vehicles are characterized by high output torque.

If you add speed, the tires will wear out faster. If you give preference to a quiet speed, then the tires will last as long as stated by the tire manufacturer.

Tesla tire replacement frequency

The durability of tires depends on how often you operate the Tesla vehicles. If you drive 10,000 miles a year, your tires will need to be replaced every 3 years. If you use summer and winter tires, the service life will double.

If your mileage is less than 10,000 miles per year, the tire life will be longer. Tire age doesn’t matter. However, as soon as it turns 6 years old, then after 2-3 years it will need to be completely changed.

Reasons for the high price of the Tesla warranty

As you know, Tesla cars are quite expensive. This is because they are functional, practical, and very prestigious. Given that high-quality materials are used by tire manufacturers, breakdowns are rare.

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Considering that in case of repair or maintenance, it will be necessary to purchase new high-quality parts, the cost of the guarantee will increase significantly.


In the process of using tires on the Tesla model, you may encounter numerous questions. The answers to them will be presented below.

How much does it cost to replace a Tesla tire?

On average, it will take $ 280-300 to replace one tire. If you plan to immediately change all the rubber, then you will need to pay about 1100-1200 dollars in the workshop.

Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

This can be explained by the fact that electric cars from Tesla are heavier when compared with gasoline vehicles. Batteries lack energy and power density. This also explains the large weight. Because of this, tire friction can increase, which contributes to their rapid wear.

Are Tesla tires more expensive than regular tires?

Tesla car tires are more expensive when compared to other models on the market. However, the price is justified by excellent performance, as well as quality. If you properly care for tires and service them in time, the durability of tires will increase.

Can I use regular tires on Tesla?

Yes, you can put regular tires on Tesla vehicles. However, they must be true to size. It’s better not to. After all, Tesla electric vehicles are highly productive when compared with conventional cars.


As you can see, Tesla tires are expensive for various reasons. This is due to excellent performance and high quality. Therefore, they will serve much longer.

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