Maximize your Tesla’s features with these best Tesla apps

While Tesla cars themselves offer an exceptional driving experience, smartphone apps play a vital role in taking that experience to new heights.

These Tesla app options act as a gateway, connecting car owners to a range of features, functionalities, and services that go beyond the conventional driving experience.

best tesla apps

Tesla app options enable owners to remotely monitor and control their luxury electric cars, access real-time data on battery levels, charging status, and driving statistics, as well as adjust climate controls, lock/unlock doors, and even summon their vehicles from a parking space.

As the popularity of Tesla electric cars continues to soar, the importance of apps for Android and iOS devices cannot be overstated.

Having a Tesla app has become an integral part of the experience of being a part of the Tesla community, empowering owners with greater control, connectivity, and convenience.

In the following sections, we will explore some of the best Tesla apps available and their impact on enhancing the overall driving experience.

Top Android and iPhone apps for enhanced driving

In this section, we explore three top Tesla app options for iPhone and Android users that significantly enhance the driving experience for owners.

Each free app for Tesla offers unique features and functionalities, providing valuable insights, controls, and navigation assistance.

User reviews and ratings indicate high satisfaction levels with these apps, demonstrating their effectiveness in enhancing the overall experience of owning a Tesla.


Key features and functionalities:

  • Comprehensive vehicle data tracking, including battery usage, efficiency, and charging history.
  • Detailed analytics and visualizations to monitor energy consumption and driving patterns.
  • Customizable notifications for charging status, battery levels, and vehicle maintenance.
  • Integration with external services like weather forecasts and charging station information.
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Benefits for a Tesla owner:

  • Allows owners to gain deeper insights into their vehicle’s performance and usage of energy.
  • Helps optimize driving habits for better route planning and improved efficiency and range.
  • Enables proactive monitoring of charging progress and notifications for optimal charging schedules.
  • Facilitates data-driven decision-making for a better overall driving experience.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Positive reviews highlight the app’s extensive data-tracking capabilities and user-friendly interface.
  • Average user rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Stats for Tesla

Key features and functionalities:

  • Real-time vehicle monitoring, including battery levels, range estimation, and charging status.
  • Enhanced climate control management to pre-condition the vehicle remotely.
  • Trip planning with navigation, including supercharger routing and estimated charging times.
  • Vehicle controls like unlocking doors, opening the frunk/trunk, and honking the horn.
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Benefits for a Tesla owner:

  • Provides convenient access to important vehicle information and controls from anywhere.
  • Optimizes travel planning by considering charging station availability and charging times.
  • Offers climate management for a comfortable interior temperature upon arrival.
  • Streamlines the interaction with the vehicle, reducing the need for manual operations.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Users appreciate the app’s user-friendly interface, reliable performance, and comprehensive feature set.
  • Average user rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Key features and functionalities:

  • Integration of the vehicle data with the popular navigation app Waze.
  • Real-time traffic updates, alternative route suggestions, and community-based reporting.
  • Automatic routing based on charging station availability and optimal charging durations.
  • Voice-guided directions with traffic-aware rerouting.
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Benefits for a Tesla owner:

  • Seamlessly combines vehicle information with Waze’s crowdsourced navigation data.
  • Helps avoid traffic congestion and find the most efficient routes to reach destinations.
  • Optimizes navigation for electric vehicle drivers, considering charging needs during trips.
  • Provides a familiar and feature-rich navigation experience with Tesla-specific enhancements.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Users praise the app’s integration of Tesla and Waze, enhancing navigation capabilities for Tesla owners.
  • Average user rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Essential apps for Tesla connectivity and control

In this section, we highlight three essential Tesla app options for connectivity and control: the official Tesla Mobile App, TeslaFi, and TeslaCam Viewer.

Each app for Tesla offers a range of features and functionalities that enhance the connectivity, control, and security of vehicles.

User reviews and ratings indicate high satisfaction levels, emphasizing the convenience, performance, and usefulness of the Tesla app options for Tesla owners.

Tesla App

Key features and functionalities:

  • Vehicle controls via the Tesla account through the phone or Apple Watch: Lock/unlock doors, control climate settings, and open/close windows remotely.
  • Charging management: Start/stop charging, view charging status, and receive notifications.
  • Vehicle location tracking through the Tesla App: Locate your Tesla on a map and monitor its movements.
  • Summon: Move your Tesla in and out of parking spaces using the app.
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Benefits for owners:

  • Convenient access to vehicle controls and settings from the phone or Apple Watch.
  • Efficient charging management and monitoring capabilities.
  • Enhanced security and peace of mind with location tracking features.
  • The added convenience of summoning the vehicle for tight parking situations.
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User reviews and ratings:

  • Positive reviews highlight the user-friendly interface and reliable performance of the Tesla app.
  • Tesla app average user rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars.


Key features and functionalities:

  • Detailed vehicle data tracking: Monitor battery usage, efficiency, and driving habits.
  • Trip analysis and reporting: Review trip summaries, efficiency metrics, and driving statistics.
  • Charging analytics: Track charging sessions, costs, and efficiency.
  • Remote data access: Monitor and control your Tesla fleet remotely.
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Benefits for owners:

  • Provides comprehensive data insights for optimizing driving habits and usage of energy.
  • Offers detailed reports and analytics for tracking and evaluating vehicle performance.
  • Facilitates cost analysis and planning for charging sessions.
  • Ideal for Tesla fleet owners or those with multiple vehicles.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Users appreciate the app’s extensive data-tracking capabilities and customizable reports.
  • Average user rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

TeslaCam Viewer

Key features and functionalities:

  • Access Tesla’s built-in dashcam and Sentry Mode footage directly from your smartphone.
  • View and download saved video clips from the TeslaCam storage device.
  • Organize and manage video recordings with search and filter options.
  • Protect important footage with the ability to lock and save specific clips.
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Benefits for owners:

  • Convenient access to dashcam and Sentry Mode recordings for security and peace of mind.
  • Easily review and manage video footage for potential incidents or accidents.
  • Facilitates sharing of video evidence if needed for insurance claims or legal purposes.
  • Helps ensure the safety and security of your Tesla vehicle.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Users appreciate the app’s simplicity, reliability, and seamless access to TeslaCam footage.
  • Average user rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Game-changing Tesla app options for enthusiasts

In this section, we explore three game-changing apps for Tesla enthusiasts.

These Tesla app options provide unique features and functionalities that enhance the overall experience of owning a Tesla.

  1. TezLab offers usage of energy analysis and fosters a sense of community among Tesla owners.
  2. Tesla Remote S enables convenient remote control and monitoring of the vehicle.
  3. TeslaFlicks provides entertainment options with video streaming directly to Tesla’s display.

User reviews and ratings demonstrate the effectiveness of each app for Tesla in meeting the needs and preferences of Tesla enthusiasts.


Key features and functionalities:

  • Energy consumption analysis: Track and analyze the usage of energy for each trip.
  • Efficiency scoring: Evaluate driving efficiency and receive personalized recommendations.
  • Charging notifications on the phone or Apple Watch: Receive alerts when charging is complete or interrupted.
  • Social features: Connect and share experiences with other Tesla owners.
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Benefits for Tesla enthusiasts:

  • Enables in-depth analysis of usage of energy for optimizing driving habits.
  • Provides personalized insights and recommendations for improving efficiency.
  • Streamlines charging management and ensures a seamless charging experience.
  • Fosters a sense of community by connecting Tesla enthusiasts and facilitating knowledge sharing.
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User reviews and ratings:

  • Positive reviews emphasize the app’s comprehensive energy analysis and helpful recommendations.
  • Average user rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Tesla Remote S

Key features and functionalities:

  • Remote vehicle controls: Lock/unlock doors, honk the horn, and flashlights remotely.
  • Climate management: Adjust temperature settings before entering the vehicle.
  • Vehicle status monitoring through the phone or Apple Watch: Check battery levels, charging status, and location.
  • Summon and Autopark: Control vehicle movement for parking or retrieving it remotely.
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Benefits for Tesla enthusiasts:

  • Offers convenient remote control of various vehicle functions from a smartphone.
  • Allows pre-conditioning of the car’s climate for a comfortable interior before entering.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of essential vehicle information for peace of mind.
  • Enhances convenience with the ability to summon or park the vehicle remotely.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Positive reviews highlight the app’s reliability and seamless remote control capabilities.
  • Average user rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Key features and functionalities:

  • Media streaming: Stream popular video platforms and services directly to Tesla’s display.
  • Offline downloads: Download videos for offline viewing during road trips or limited connectivity.
  • Playlist and queue management through the phone or Apple Watch: Create personalized playlists and manage playback.
  • Parental controls: Restrict access to certain content for a family-friendly viewing experience.
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Benefits for Tesla enthusiasts:

  • Enables entertainment options for passengers during long drives or charging sessions.
  • Offers flexibility with offline downloads, ensuring uninterrupted media playback.
  • Ensures a safe and controlled viewing environment with parental control features.

User reviews and ratings:

  • Positive reviews highlight the app’s seamless video streaming and minimalist user interface.
  • Average user rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, smartphone Tesla app options have become indispensable tools for Tesla owners, enhancing the overall ownership experience and providing a range of functionalities and features.

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From connectivity and control to charging infrastructure and security, these Tesla app options play a crucial role in maximizing the potential of electric vehicles.

Throughout this article, we have explored different Tesla app categories, showcasing some of the best options available in each category.

By leveraging these Tesla app options, Tesla community members can unlock the full potential of their vehicles, making their driving experience more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.

Whether it’s optimizing the usage of energy, finding the nearest charging station, or remotely controlling vehicle functions, these awesome apps for Tesla empower most Tesla users and contribute to the continued growth and impact of the electric vehicle revolution.


Below are some commonly asked questions related to Tesla apps and their usage.

What is the best app to monitor a Tesla?

The official Tesla app is widely regarded as the best app to monitor a Tesla car.
It provides comprehensive features for remote vehicle controls, real-time vehicle status monitoring, usage of energy analysis, and charging management.
The Tesla app offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Tesla vehicles, making it the go-to choice for most Tesla owners.

What app do Tesla owners use?

Tesla owners primarily use the official Tesla app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.
The Tesla app offers a range of features designed to enhance the ownership experience and provide convenient access to key vehicle functionalities.

Does Tesla allow 3rd party apps?

While Tesla has developed and released its official app, it also allows for the development of third-party apps.
Tesla has an open API (Application Programming Interface) that enables developers to create apps that interact with Tesla vehicles.
This has led to the emergence of several third-party apps that provide additional functionalities and features beyond what the official Tesla app offers.
However, it’s important to note that third-party apps may have varying levels of compatibility and support, and it’s advisable to thoroughly research and review the app before use.

What is Tesla Plus app?

This app is designed to remotely control your Tesla Model S/3/X.
Thanks to it, you can manage every aspect of your car, create timetables, turn on camper mode, delay commands, use widgets, and more.

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