Resolved: Why do people tap their Tesla?

You may have seen it in person or online, but there is a strange thing that Tesla drivers do before charging their cars.

They knock on their car at least once, but usually several times before proceeding to charge. Why exactly do they do it? Is it something iconic, like a wave of jeeps, or is there something deeper in it?

Well, in this post, we are going to reveal the reasons why almost every Tesla drivers tap their car before charging.

In short, people touch the Tesla charger to activate the charger, open the charger port door, and remove debris from the charger hole, out of habit or for social media.

This article has a detailed discussion of why do people tap their Tesla. Let’s get started.

why do people tap their tesla

Why do people tap their Tesla cars: find out the reasons

Many are wondering why do people tap their Tesla. They did it for different causes. Proprietors tap the auto at the smallest 4 to 5 times before charging because they feel it’s a lighter method to open the Tesla charger port.

The Tesla charger port is not visible conveniently and is hidden in the back of the panel like a tail light.

That’s why people confuse Tesla owners tapping the tail light.

Tesla owners knock on the car before charging: what’s the secret?

Many Tesla owners tap before charging to achieve entry to the charge port. While there are a lot of methods to open the charging port, tapping is the most suitable.

However, if you notice that tapping doesn’t open anything, it may be because Tesla’s motor mechanism is working properly.

Tesla owners will take to different ways, such as pushing the bolt icon on the dashboard display, pushing the switch on the charging rosette, or utilizing the Tesla smartphone app.

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Tesla cars owners avoid being hit by static electricity

People also tap the car before charging to prevent minor electric shocks due to possible static electricity differences between you and the car. However, it doesn’t really serve any purpose. Tesla cars are metal shielded, so they have zero charges both under and above the car body.

Removing debris from the charger hole

All of these tie-ins only seem logical when they do it to remove debris or dust from the charger opening.

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate from time to time with more frequent use of the charger.

This is not surprising. Tapping can be a useful way to clean the charger hole.

This dirt will most likely break the connection between your Tesla and the Tesla charger. Thus, for better results, it is enough to press the charger on the rear light.

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Tesla owners tap tail light

When you notice Tesla owners knocking on the tail lights of their automobiles, they are not actually hitting on the tail lights, but on a panel that examines like a tail light element.

This may open a Tesla charging point, which is the best way for most Tesla owners when they ought to charge their electric cars.

Clicking on Tesla as a custom/social media challenge

As we have seen from this article, there are several reasons (some good and some not so) why people are banging on their Teslas. We put this last one in because it falls under the invalid category.

Touching a Tesla before charging became a TikTok viral sensation at some point. When this happened, other Tesla drivers simply jumped into action due to the social media challenge.

It’s a crazy thing that’s going around online these days and it’s probably a demonstration of how people can jump on the bandwagon without trying to figure out why.

Maybe it’s time for Tesla owner to have their own “thing” like the one you have with the Jeep Wave. In case you don’t know what that is, Jeep drivers have a long tradition of waving at each other whenever they cross paths.

Good luck

Some Tesla drivers believe that not tapping the car’s tail light 3 times before the charging port will result in bad luck.

This is obviously just superstition and a bit of nonsense. Some say that this is just a gesture, reminiscent of spanking a person on the backside as a sign of affection.

It seems a little silly, but it can happen that some people are so attached to a new purchase that they feel compelled to slap it on the case before proceeding to charge.

Given the risk involved in buying an expensive car like a Tesla, tapping the tail light can be a means of reducing anxiety about the car possibly breaking down.

Tesla can only be repaired by the company itself, and car breakdowns can be costly and worrisome. Tapping the tail light is perhaps a way for owners to hope the car doesn’t break down.

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Why does everyone tap their Tesla?

Tesla owners tap the car 4 to 5 times before charging because it’s a suitable method to open the car’s charge port door. Generally, the charging port door is concealed after a panel that is similar to a tail light on the driver’s side.

Why do people double tap the Tesla?

Simple – this is one way to open the charging port door. It’s hidden behind a panel that looks like part of the tail light on the driver’s side.

What does tap do in Tesla?

This helps to align the electrons so that they can enter the car in the most efficient way. Without this, electrons tend to collect at the charge port, resulting in a longer recharge session.


Now you know why Tesla owners hit taillights. Well, for a while, this was commonplace for chargers from Tesla and other manufacturers. Some people still use this method for the reasons stated above.

If you were one of them and didn’t know why you did it, then we hope you found this article helpful. Good luck!

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  1. I accidentally found your article and read it with a smile. Because I never thought about it and never did it with my Tesla. Well, people are different and I think that these actions are more like superstition than they give any benefit.


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