How to open sunroof on Tesla Model 3 – A detailed instruction

How to open sunroof on tesla model 3? Tesla is one of the many prevalent affordable electric car, owing to its user-friendly layout and integrated technology that makes it simple to interact with the machine and its environmental worth.

Starting it all off was the Tesla Roadster, a stunning compact automobile modeled after the Lotus.

A distinguishing characteristic of a particular Tesla model is that its top is made of glass, giving passengers a feeling that they are traveling in a roadster while protecting them from the elements.

Nearly every Tesla Model 3 electric car features a glass roof since it’s a practical option even when you do not have control over it.

However, the issue of the roof has grown significantly in importance for many individuals, particularly Tesla Model 3 owners. The many types of glass roofs, how the roof of a Tesla Model may be opened, and whether this procedure is doable for the Tesla Model 3 are all covered in-depth in this article.

how to open sunroof on tesla model 3

Does the Tesla Model 3 have a glass roof?

The updated Model 3 adds a glass top but does not include a conventional roof. The secure nature of Tesla glass roofs is confirmed by density, even though many people were alarmed by such an invention.

The Model 3 has two panels, one over each side of the cabin, that are tinted and polarized to protect from ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

The passenger’s entire highway safety is guaranteed by the windshield and the steel that is a part of the car’s structure.

You can transport extra goods, bicycles, and more using a Tesla-approved roof rack. The full glass roof option was one feature that was heavily speculated.

Is the Tesla glass roof likely to burn me in the sun?

No, the Tesla glass roof has a thick ultraviolet and infrared protection coating from direct sunlight and is strongly tinted and polarized.

The UV (ultraviolet) coating reflects and scatters UV (ultraviolet) radiation away from the car, while the glass absorbs UV rays.

The IR protection layer aids in preventing heat buildup within the electric car, improving passenger comfort. In direct sunshine, the tinting assists in keeping the interior cooler.

You can utilize a glass roof sunshade for your Tesla Model 3 to further lessen direct sunlight to the interior.

Can you shoot through the glass roof?

The Tesla Model 3’s all-glass roof guarantees inadequate protection. If someone starts firing at you from afar. Although all glass roof is made of double-pane laminated glass, they won’t keep out shady characters.

how to open sunroof on tesla model 3 2

Can you open the sunroof on a Tesla Model 3?

Otherwise, this Model 3’s all-glass roof is not removable. A fixed glass roof conveys an aura believed to be utterly secure, even though it cannot be changed and is more expensive instead of a retractable and functioning sunroof.

On the touchscreen, tap Controls to access the sunroof’s complete range of controls.

Toggle between the buttons next to the picture of your car, or drag the sunroof image.

How do you open a sunroof?

The panoramic sunroof on the Tesla Model 3 is not retractable, so it cannot be opened. The Tesla Model 3 roof is constructed from the inside out of two sheets of glass joined in the middle by a structural steel support connection.

Control instructions are provided below.

To vent

You will have to press just once to quickly vent by lifting the windshield.

To close

One click and a little delay are required to close the window.

To avoid staining the interior or harming the electrical devices inside, before opening windows, rest assured no snowfall or twigs, are adhered to the glass.

What makes a sunroof unique from a moonroof?

Since nearly it appears to own a glass roof, there may be some confusion related to what distinguishes a roof with shade and a moonroof. However, this distinction between the two Tesla vehicles was not made for no reason.

Some moonroofs can be simply swapped using an electrical tool, although many are initially built to be unmanageable.

Additionally, you can see out thanks to the dark-colored roof’s separate panels. The automobile inside prevents outsiders from seeing inside your vehicle.

Nothing will be seen if you close the sunroof because the panel is solid; nevertheless, if you want fresh air, it will open with ease.

The functioning sunroof usually operates with a switch instead of a piece of circuitry. However, the policy also doesn’t apply, as this shares a panoramic sunroof that can be regulated remotely via an LCD panel in the Tesla Model.

What distinguishes a sunroof from a moonroof?

When selecting a Tesla Model with glass roofs, it’s critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of this feature so that you can be ready for any situation and avoid being dissatisfied with your Tesla Model driving experience.

The glass panels on the roof are fixed. The benefits and drawbacks of a sunroof or moonroof are listed down.

how to open sunroof on tesla model 3 3


In the beginning, you always have access to fresh air. For instance, if you cannot make use of the air conditioner, you should open the sunroof and allow some cool air inside the car.

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the sun’s rays and vitamin D since opening a sunroof or moonroof allows you to engage with the sun directly, which is preferable to doing so through the glass because the sun’s rays may frequently become hazardous when they go through glass.

Thirdly, having the sunroof open will improve mobile communications since you are going to have easy access to the wireless network and be better able to connect to communication towers, which is going to make it simpler to talk to those who are far away.

The fourth aspect is how it feels to drive a convertible. With the roof up, you can be able to see more of the surroundings and gorgeous views.

The car becomes a considerably more spacious and relaxing environment for you. Most people with claustrophobia can benefit from this.


First off, the inside of the automobile will quickly become excessively warm due to the sunroof., necessitating frequent use of the air conditioner. This is a result of the roof’s construction, as well as other factors, such as if you are driving in warm weather, the rays from the sun are going to heat the internal parts of the automobile rapidly.

Second, adding a sunroof or moon roof to your vehicle adds weight. By the way, due to the increased weight and pressure on the rubber, even your tires may deteriorate more quickly, which will result in high maintenance expenses for your Tesla Model.

Thirdly, the glass roof continues to be less resilient than the standard one. Furthermore, a typical roof is more likely to collapse in the event of an accident than to cause debris to hit you.

Fourth, aerodynamics also has an impact because an open roof still presents a challenge to your automobile and makes the battery work harder, which might result in more frequent maintenance visits.

What does a panoramic roof entail?

To give natural lighting and a spacious interior, a panoramic sunroof or moon roof is often constructed of laminated and tinted glass roof that spans both the front and back seats. A massive glass roof with an unimpeded view of the sky is referred to as a panoramic roof.

Although panoramic sunroofs are more typically constructed, there are also conventional panoramic roofs available.

A panoramic glass is another name for the panoramic sunroof.

Tesla probably took note of the problems with the Model S and decided not to try the panoramic sunroof on those vehicles.

There does not appear to be a panoramic sunroof option available for the new Tesla Model 3. The main difference between the two structures is that the glass roof with the additional structure does not open. Making use of the Tesla Model 3’s fixed glass roof.

The sunroof on the Tesla Model 3 cannot be opened because the panoramic roof function is no longer offered. The Model Y’s panoramic glass is one seamless sheet from the inside, in contrast to that of the Model 3’s separate pieces.

The glass roof of this design purports to be formed by a single unified piece of transparent panoramic Tesla glass, unlike the identical Model 3 whereby the roof glass has been separated into two halves.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded Model 3 its highest roof safety score in a test. Compared to a metal roof, their glass roof is quieter.

how to open sunroof on tesla model 3 4


Does Tesla have retractable sunroof?

No, there isn’t, and has never been a retractable (movable) sunroof on the Tesla Model 3. From the front windshield to the back glass, there is a fixed glass roof on the vehicle.

The all-glass top also has the advantage of lowering cabin noise and enhancing the interior’s brightness and space by providing more headroom. It doesn’t, however, open in the same way as a standard sunroof.

Exists a Model S with a panoramic roof today?

The Tesla order option is not included in the list of this particular model. It is crucial to keep in mind how the Model S’s panoramic windshield does not offer a comparable degree of safety even if previous owners can still buy this vehicle, it is not as recent as the Tesla Vehicle 3.

How long does a Tesla Model 3 battery last?

On a full charge, the Tesla Model 3 can go up to 267 miles and boasts the smallest battery of Tesla vehicles.

How much would it cost to replace the glass roof on a model 3?

You should prepare to pay about $1,000 and higher if you require changing your glass roof for any reason. Fortunately, there are now entire businesses that specialize in disassembling Tesla vehicles, so you might be able to find one used!

Can I still attach a roof rack to my Tesla Model 3?

Indeed, you can! The Model 3 still features mounting holes for roof racks, which are available from third parties or directly from Tesla, despite having a huge glass roof.

It’s important to remember that the Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest electric vehicles on the road, even though some may argue that it lacks some open-top features.

The style and safety of the Model 3 more than makeup for whatever versatility it may lack. In addition to providing excellent safety, the Tesla Model 3 gives its occupants an unobstructed view of the sky.


In summary, retractable sunroofs are not available for Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Although they lack an open-air alternative, they have a fixed, all-Tesla roof with stunning panoramic views.

We anticipate that following reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of the qualities and features of all Tesla roofs and the qualities of the roof in various Tesla models.

Furthermore, you will be able to select the ideal Tesla Model 3 for you if you decide to get one from Tesla since you’ll be aware of the precise cause of the Tesla panoramic sunroof failure.

And who knows, maybe Tesla will introduce a sunroof in the future as an aftermarket option or on new models. You ought to avoid letting the Model 3’s lack of a sunroof stop you from purchasing it.

The automobile is still remarkable, has a large roof that gives it a futuristic appearance, and has excellent performance and range. Appreciate the scenery from the roof until then.

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