How to check if Tesla has free supercharging: A complete guide

A benefit that Tesla once provided as an incentive for purchasing specific models, free Supercharging, may be a concern for Tesla owners and potential customers. It is now impossible for owners and potential buyers to identify whether their Tesla has access to free Supercharging because the Tesla model modified its free Supercharging policy.

It’s critical to note in this situation that the individual model and the date of purchase affect whether free Supercharging is offered.

There are several ways to determine whether Tesla models offer unlimited free Supercharging or does free supercharging transfer still available. We’ll look at how to check if your Tesla has free Supercharging in this article, and what to do if you’re still confused.

how to check if tesla has free supercharging

What are the free supercharging perks that Tesla offers

Free Supercharging is one of many promotions and incentives that Tesla has provided, however, these deals are liable to be modified or discontinued at any time. In the past, the following free Supercharging perks have been provided:

Referral program: Tesla previously provided a program whereby current Tesla owners may recommend friends and family to buy a Tesla using their referral code.

The new purchaser and the referral can each get free unlimited Supercharging credits in return.

Seasonal promotions: Tesla occasionally runs free Supercharging promotions around holidays or other occasions.

Purchase of a new vehicle: Tesla has previously provided free unlimited Supercharging as a perk for the purchase of a new vehicle. This free unlimited supercharging deal, however, might not always be accessible.

Employee discount at Tesla: Free unlimited Supercharging is a benefit of working at Tesla.

A time limit or a cap on the number of free unlimited Supercharging credits are only two examples of limitations or restrictions that may apply to free unlimited Supercharging deals.

Before taking advantage of any free unlimited Supercharging offers, it’s crucial to carefully understand the terms and limitations of free charging.

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Before you charge your Tesla with a Supercharger

Here are some things to think about before using a free unlimited Supercharging way to charge your Tesla:

Check the charging station availability

Ensure that Tesla qualifies for the Supercharger station or that the free unlimited supercharging station you intend to use is available by checking its availability.

Either the in-car navigation system or the Tesla mobile app or the Tesla user account can be used for this.

Plan your trip

To make sure you have enough charging stops to reach your destination, plan your route before you leave and note any Supercharger stations that are located along the way.

Verify your battery’s capacity

To find out how much energy you need and how long it will take to charge, check your battery level or check the linked Tesla vehicle in your app.

To take advantage of lower electricity prices and ensure a full charge for the following day’s drive, it is advised to charge your Tesla at home during the night or at times when there is little demand for electricity.

Check if your Tesla is a software-limited model the one that has been sold with a software-limited battery pack and/or features is referred to as a Tesla.

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Prepare for the weather

Charging in extremely hot or cold temperatures can impair Tesla’s supercharger network or charging process and battery range.

Recognize the supercharging cost

Location and time of day affect the supercharger charges of Tesla models. Before you start charging, make sure you are aware of the associated charges.

Monitor the charging process

While charging the Tesla models, keep an eye on the status of the charge using the Tesla mobile app or the in-car display.

Be considerate of others

Free unlimited Supercharging stations are shared by several Tesla owners, so please be mindful of others.

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How to charge a Tesla

A Tesla Model X can be charged in several ways, including at home, at public charging stations, and through the Tesla Model X free Supercharging network offered free unlimited supercharging. The basic procedures for charging a Tesla are as follows:

Home charging: A 240-volt Level 2 charging station is required to charge a Tesla Model X at home. You can buy this and put it in your driveway or garage at home.

Alternately, albeit charging would be slower, you can use a typical 120-volt household outlet.

Tesla Model X owners may also charge their vehicles at public charging stations, which are frequently positioned in hotels, shopping malls, and other public spaces.

Tesla free unlimited Supercharger network: The Tesla Supercharger network is a collection of quick chargers spread over Asia, Europe, and North America. These charging stations can fill a Tesla and qualifies free unlimited supercharging to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes.

Simply park the vehicle in a charging space, connect the charging cable, and utilize the Supercharger. The Tesla Model X account automatically handles payments.

It’s crucial to remember that a Tesla’s free supercharging time and range might change depending on the model and charging technique. Through the touchscreen display in the car or the Tesla mobile app or the Tesla account, Tesla owners can keep an eye on the charging progress and range of their vehicle.

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Do some Teslas come with free supercharging?

Tesla has in the past provided an offer free supercharging as an incentive to buy specific variants of their electric cars. Tesla no longer provides new car purchasers with unlimited free Supercharging as of 2021, though.

Instead, depending on the model and area, Tesla’s supercharger network now provides new car owners with a Supercharging credit of varied amounts. The cost of a few hundred miles of driving on the Supercharger network may often be covered by these credits.

Depending on the conditions of their purchase agreement, current Tesla owners who bought their cars before the policy change may still enjoy free unlimited Supercharging this is the answer to the most frequent question of does free supercharging transfer still available.

As an incentive, Tesla has in the past provided select vehicles with free unlimited Supercharging. The majority of these offers, however, were exclusive to the initial buyer and could not be passed on to a subsequent owner, so they were known to be the non-transferable free supercharging models.

There have been a few exceptions to this rule, including the Tesla Model S and Model X purchases made through the referral program between September 2016 and January 2017 still offer free Supercharging, so they are known to be transferable unlimited free supercharging models.

Do I get free charging with my Tesla?

Tesla will stop providing new car buyers with unlimited free supercharging or lifetime free supercharging as of 2021. Tesla may, however, provide new car owners with a Supercharging credit that can pay for a specified amount of charging on the Supercharger network, depending on the particular model and area.

As an additional service, Tesla vehicles provide a network of Destination Chargers, and slower charging stations scattered around different locations like hotels, restaurants, and parking garages. As a benefit for visiting the place, several of these Destination Chargers may provide free charging to Tesla drivers.

How do I know if my free Supercharger is transferable?

Your Tesla vehicle may have come with free unlimited Supercharging that is transferable to a future owner if you decide to sell the car if it was acquired before a specific date in 2017. However, it’s unlikely that the car will have a Tesla free Supercharging transfer if you bought it after that date or if you bought a used Tesla.

You can check the vehicle’s manual or get in touch with Tesla customer care to find out if your Tesla has a transferable free unlimited Supercharging promotion.
In addition, to view any available Supercharging credits or promotions for the vehicle, simply navigate to the “free Supercharging” menu on the touchscreen.

In any case, when selling a Tesla, it’s critical to be open and honest with prospective purchasers regarding the vehicle’s free Tesla Supercharging status, as this can have a big impact on the car’s attraction and value.

How do I know if my Tesla Supercharger is available?

Using the touchscreen in the car or a smartphone app, you may check whether a Tesla Supercharger is open, and you can check the unlimited supercharging status model and some free supercharging promotions. The steps to check Supercharger availability are as follows:

Navigate to the “Navigation” menu on the touchscreen of the automobile.
Choose “Charging” from the menu.

On the map, look for the free unlimited Supercharging option you wish to utilize, then choose it.

You can see on the display how many charging stations are available at the Supercharger station.

As an alternative, you can use the Tesla mobile app to check Supercharger availability:

Open the Tesla smartphone app or Tesla account on your device.
Choose the vehicle for which you want to check the Supercharger availability.
Select “Superchargers” from the menu by tapping “Navigate” on the screen.

You can select a Supercharger station from a map of available ones to check how many charging stalls are available there.

Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that Supercharger supply is subject to abrupt changes, particularly during times of heavy demand.

Before you begin your journey with your Tesla vehicle to the station, it’s a good idea to check the Supercharger availability and the free unlimited supercharging option or to contact Tesla to help you with that.


Determining the worth and convenience of your electric vehicle can depend in part on whether your Tesla has free Tesla Supercharging. While Tesla no longer provides new car customers with unlimited free Supercharging, some models bought before a specific date may still enjoy transferable free Supercharging.

In addition, review your purchase records, check the touchscreen display or the mobile app to see whether your Tesla offers Tesla free Supercharging, or get in touch with free charging contact Tesla customer service to find out more about free charging.

When selling a Tesla, it’s crucial to be open and honest with prospective buyers regarding the vehicle’s Supercharging status if you’re still unsure. Make the most of owning an electric vehicle by using these methods to find out if your Tesla offers free Supercharging.

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