Fun facts about Tesla: smile and drive

Tesla cars are excellent vehicles. No doubt they are the most successful project in the electric cars industry nowadays. Tesla Motors is a famous brand that means safety, high speed, comfort, new eco-friendly technologies, future, and so on.

Sometimes, it looks like these vehicles have been delivered right from the future by a time machine!

Everyone knows Tesla cars as fantastic electric vehicles that have wireless charging and everything. Indeed, they are. At the same time, that’s a good idea to find out some fun facts about Tesla you are going to buy or have already bought.

In this article, you will get it.

Be ready to smile. Let’s get started!

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Fact 1: Elon Musk isn’t the founder

The company, named after former Nikola Tesla, who designed the induction motor, wasn’t founded by Musk. Investors Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded Tesla in 2003.

Elon Musk entered the company a year later, in 2004.

Indeed, people like Elon Musk because of his incredible projects and amazing intention to get rid of petroleum engine vehicles that cause air pollution and contribute to the global heat disaster that is going to take place in the future.

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Musk’s achievements

Elon Musk is also going to move to Mars and take millions of people with him to settle together in the first human colony on the surface of the red planet.

All his projects, like the SpaceX company, are so fantastic that Elon Musk named one of his companies The Boring Company because it is the usual enterprise digging tunnels into the Earth’s ground. It’s so boring, in Elon Musk’s opinion.

The hidden heroes of the electric cars

That’s why it’s not a surprise that most people consider enthusiast Elon Mask to be the founder of Tesla Motors. And nobody says anything about unlucky Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Meanwhile, these guys deserve to be known as well.

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Fact 2: the CEO lives in the Tesla factory and has no home

The famous businessman wants Tesla to be the manufacturer of the safest and fastest cars in the Solar System.

What should a CEO do if he wants his enterprise to design and produce the safest car in the Solar System?

Of course, he has to sleep right in a plant! Elon Musk does. He claimed that he had sold all his real estate property and even the house where he had lived before.

The advantage

There is no use to own houses and paying the bills if you work all the time, isn’t there? It would be better to invest the saved money in humankind’s future.

The disadvantage

There is only one disadvantage to the decision. The thing is that you won’t have any place to go driving your great Tesla electric car if you don’t leave the workspace at all.

Then you won’t be able to enjoy high speed.

By the way, the Tesla Roadster reached a higher speed than any other electric car or plane ever did. It is 44 000 miles per hour. Maybe, you are rubbing your eyes now, but you were right. There were 44 000 miles per hour.

And this is the next funny fact about Tesla.

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Fact 3: one Tesla model is so fast that flew into space

One of the Tesla Roadsters really did it. Literally. Of course, it was a PR action, but it is a historical fact, anyway.

In 2018, the Tesla car loaded into a spaceship was launched from a spaceport.

On the driver’s seat had settled a dummy dressed in a spacesuit.

The dummy has already left Mars behind. Now the range is beyond 137 million miles away from Earth. Perhaps, the space dummy is already going to greet aliens. In this case, the Tesla will be the first electric car made for space export.

Let the aliens enjoy humankind’s advanced technologies! The first order is free of charge.

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Fact 4: There is no Tesla dealer center on the Earth

It would be unfair to other planets’ inhabitants if the Earthmen could go to a Tesla store while the aliens could not do it. So, you can’t just visit a Tesla dealer center to buy a car because there are no Tesla dealer centers at all.

Humankind customers are like aliens who have to wait for the delivery at home.

What should you do, then?

You can visit the official internet site of the company, named for former Nikola Tesla, point out what model (Model X, for example), color, options, etc. you want, and send the order. They will produce the car on a plant and deliver it to your homestead’s gateway.

It’s better to get the key when you are on Earth instead of any other planet. In this case, your brand-new car will be driven by a real qualified courier instead of a dummy wearing a spacesuit.

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Fact 5: a Tesla electric car has only six things to change

It looks like Elon Musk has designed electric cars for driving on Mars. The thing is that other electric cars need plenty of auto parts to repair and change periodically. Meanwhile, a Tesla electric vehicle needs only six ones:

Two wiper blades

Four wheels

Not only is it good if you live on Mars, but it saves money and time when you are still on Earth. There is no need to go to a service center frequently because Tesla’s car auto parts have a high wear limit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tesla cars

What is the most interesting fact about Tesla?

There are lots of fun facts about Tesla. Choose one by reading the article, or write an interesting story about Tesla cars in the comments below. There would be fascinating for Tesla owners and other readers to know your opinion.

Let’s have fun together!

What is so unique about Tesla?

It’s a unique car manufacturer of the fastest electric cars such as Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Roadster, and other Tesla models. The third one was even launched into space in 2018. The spaceship delivered it in an elliptical orbit. The electric vehicle is now flying in it, far away from Mars.

Tesla electric vehicles are about safety. For example, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Organisation) claimed that the Tesla Model 3 is the safest car ever designed.

Tesla’s mission is to change the EV market and make the automotive industry more friendly to the environment. It is also about sustainable energy.

What is a fun fact about the Tesla Roadster?

Maybe, the funniest story about this Tesla model is that one of the cars is being driven by a dummy dressed in a spacesuit. In 2018, the vehicle was launched into space.

So, this Tesla Model is the fastest electric car in history and the first car in space, by the way.


If you want to have a lot of fun, the company, named for former Nikola Tesla, is exactly what you would like to learn about. The Tesla brand is amazing. The company surprises its customers all the time.

The CEO lives right in the factory and sold all his real estate property because of it.

One of the cars is in the space now. There was an incredible PR action in 2018 when a Tesla car was loaded on a spaceship and flew away from the Earth.

There are no Tesla dealer centers, but you can easily buy a car, and they will deliver it right to your gateway.

There is no need to go to a service center all the time because only six auto parts are supposed to be changed regularly.

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